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Unveiling Industry Insights: M/I Homes' Q1 Earnings Webcast Scheduled


Michael Chen

April 9, 2024 - 11:45 am


Major Homebuilder M/I Homes Sets First Quarter Webcast - A Look into the Housing Giant's Earnings

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- M/I Homes, Inc. (NYSE: MHO), a prominent figure in the national home construction industry, has announced a significant upcoming event for investors and industry analysts. The company has scheduled a webcast to discuss its first-quarter earnings, which has generated heightened interest among stakeholders eager to gain insights into the company's performance.

Upcoming Earnings Webcast: An Investor's Guide

What: M/I Homes, Inc. Announces First Quarter Webcast

When: The webcast is scheduled for April 24, 2024, at 10:30 AM Eastern Time, providing a detailed account of the company's financial health and projections.

Where: Interested parties can access the live webcast by connecting to This provides a convenient virtual platform for anyone unable to attend in person to partake in the proceedings.

How: The webcast will be broadcasted live over the internet. To witness the event unfold in real-time, simply log on to the website at the specified date and time.

Contact: For further information or inquiries, contact Ann Marie Hunker, Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller of M/I Homes, Inc., at [email protected], or by phone at 614-418-8225. Additionally, Mark Kirkendall, Vice President, Treasurer of M/I Homes, Inc., is available at [email protected], or by phone at 614-418-8021.

The company advises those who may be unable to engage during the live webcast that the call will be archived and accessible on the M/I Homes website at

First Quarter Earnings Report Anticipation

In an announcement fueling investor anticipation, M/I Homes anticipates revealing its first quarter earnings before the stock market opens on Wednesday, April 24th. This release is crucial for stakeholders to assess the company's trajectory and make informed investment decisions.

Nationwide Impact: M/I Homes' Reach in the Housing Market

M/I Homes stands tall as one of the leading national builders of single-family homes. With a vast operational footprint, the company's building activities span across several key regions in the United States, indicating its significant impact on the housing market.

In Ohio, the builder has established a strong presence in both Columbus and Cincinnati. Other pivotal market regions include Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. The company also has significant operations in Detroit, Michigan, reflecting its strategic coverage of the Midwestern United States.

The builder's influence extends to the sunshine state, with operations in Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers/Naples, and Orlando, Florida, indicating a commanding stake in one of the nation's most active housing markets. Additionally, the company's operations reach into the heart of Texas where it has taken root in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

The company's reach does not end there; it stretches further along the East Coast, with ongoing projects in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, and ventures down into the culturally vibrant Nashville, Tennessee. This expansive presence underscores M/I Homes' role as a major player in the US housing industry, catering to various market demands and demographic needs.

About M/I Homes, Inc.

M/I Homes, Inc. has established its reputation as an integral component of the United States' residential construction sector. Since its inception, M/I Homes has dedicated itself to building high-quality single-family homes designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of American homeowners. With a keen spotlight on design, quality, and customer service, M/I Homes has risen through the ranks to become a trusted name synonymous with reliability and excellence in homebuilding.

Furthermore, M/I Homes is more than just a construction entity; it is a vital contributor to local economies and communities across its operational regions. By providing employment opportunities, engaging with community development projects, and delivering homes that stand the test of time, M/I Homes plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscapes and lives of numerous Americans.

In light of the upcoming webcast, industry experts and potential homeowners are poised to listen intently for signs of stability, growth, and innovation within the company — factors that will prove to be influential in M/I Homes’ continued success.

Looking Ahead

As M/I Homes, Inc. gears up to unveil its first quarter earnings, investors are keenly aware of the broader implications such data could have on the housing market. The company's performance is often seen as an indicator of general economic trends, health of the real estate sector, and consumer confidence levels. This upcoming webcast not only affords M/I Homes with an opportunity to showcase its financial accomplishments but also to reinforce its commitment to quality and to the communities it serves.

SOURCE: M/I Homes, Inc.

M/I Homes, Inc. awaits with preparedness to share the details of its first quarter results, aware that such transparency is a crucial step in maintaining trust and fostering long-term relationships with its stakeholders. All eyes will be on the company come April 24th, 2024, as it embarks on another chapter of its illustrious journey in the American housing market.

With the date set and the industry holding its collective breath, M/I Homes, Inc. is poised to reveal the nuances of its financial health, market insights, and future plans. The success of such a leading homebuilder not only shapes its own trajectory but also sends ripples across the nationwide housing industry, influencing suppliers, contractors, and homebuyers alike. It is a narrative that goes beyond numbers, delving into the fabric of residential innovation and community-centric endeavors.

M/I Homes, Inc. remains dedicated to its mission of delivering exceptional homes and creating feel-good neighborhoods across the country. As the company prepares to share its story with the world, it continues to be a beacon of the American Dream — building not just houses, but homes where life's memories are crafted and cherished.

The company's forthcoming webcast promises to be a significant event, filled with strategic insights and financial revelations. Stakeholders are encouraged to mark their calendars and join the discussion as M/I Homes opens its books, allowing a peek behind the curtain of one of America's most influential homebuilders.

Until then, M/I Homes, Inc. continues to operate on a foundation of integrity, quality, and excellence. Its commitment to crafting the homes of tomorrow remains unwavering, rooted in tradition, yet always reaching forward with innovative designs and concepts that reflect the evolving tastes and demands of modern homeowners.

On the precipice of this significant financial disclosure, M/I Homes, Inc. stands ready to affirm its place in the competitive landscape of American home construction. Equipped with its core values and guided by an unyielding pursuit of customer satisfaction, the company is set to navigate the future with the same resolute spirit that has defined its past success.

As the date draws near, M/I Homes, Inc. invites all interested shareholders, potential investors, and housing market enthusiasts to connect, engage, and discover what the first quarter has in store for this industry trailblazer.

In Conclusion

The housing market dynamics are ever-changing, and as M/I Homes, Inc. prepares to divulge its earnings for the first quarter, the anticipation is palpable. This event will not only signal the company's current standing but will also potentially forecast the health of the home construction sector at large. It's an event that goes beyond financial figures; it is a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and visionary approach of a company deeply entrenched in the American homebuilding tradition.

Join M/I Homes on April 24th for an in-depth look into the fiscal intricacies that continue to fuel their passion for building quality homes. This webcast will undoubtedly provide invaluable insights into both the company and the broader housing market dynamics.

For more information on the webcast and to access the live event, please visit

The webcast promises to be an insightful exploration of M/I Homes' strategic operations, growth prospects, and customer-centric philosophy. Whether you are a current homeowner, a prospective buyer, an investor, or simply a follower of market trends, M/I Homes' webcast is an event that offers a comprehensive glimpse into the workings of an industry leader.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of M/I Homes' financial health and future outlook. It's a chance to understand the driving forces of the housing market through the lens of a company that has been shaping it for decades.

M/I Homes, Inc.'s dedication to transparency, accountability, and performance will once again be on display, inviting us all to witness the continued story of a brand committed to excellence, sustainability, and the American way of life.