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Truecaller AB Enhances Financial Health with Strategic Share Buyback Initiative


Michael Chen

April 2, 2024 - 06:59 am


Truecaller AB Advances Strategic Share Buyback Initiative

STOCKHOLM, April 2, 2024 – In recent market moves, Truecaller AB (publ), identified by its LEI code 549300TEYF1FA5G5GK26, has made significant strides in strengthening its financial standing through a methodical acquisition of its shares. The company has successfully repurchased a total of 136,717 own B shares (ISIN: SE0016787071) within a concise period between March 25 and March 28, 2024. This buyback operation is a part of the ambitious share repurchase program that the board of directors of Truecaller previously set in motion.

Share Buyback Program: A Strategy in Action

The repurchase activities are integral to Truecaller's share buyback initiative which was made public on June 7, 2023. This program is destined to span from the stated June date until the company's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2024. Implemented in full compliance with the "Emittentregelverket," the program is formulated to present a robust approach to share management for the organization.

Truecaller's 2023 AGM granted the Board expansive authority to execute the buyback of B-shares up to the subsequent AGM in 2024. In line with the new mandate, these buybacks are designed to ensure that the company’s own shareholding remains below ten (10) percent of the total number of outstanding shares, as recorded at the time of the AGM.

Weekly and Aggregate Share Buyback Data

The breakdown of the buyback process is laid out with clear specifics. On March 25, 2024, Truecaller secured 60,000 shares at a weighted average share price of 29.97 SEK, leading to a transaction value of 1,798,278 SEK for the day. Although no transactions occurred on March 26, the company resumed its buyback on March 27 by retrieving an additional 51,620 shares at an average price of 31.93 SEK, resulting in a total spend of 1,648,139 SEK. The final transactions for the week, recorded on March 28, 2024, saw Truecaller purchase 25,097 shares at 32.23 SEK each, amounting to a total daily transaction value of 808,919 SEK.

Aggregated data over the 13th week of 2024 reveals that Truecaller amassed a combined total of 136,717 shares for an average price of 31.125 SEK, incurring a cumulative expenditure of 4,255,336 SEK. Since the onset of the share buyback program, Truecaller has purchased a staggering 14,622,792 shares at an average price point of 31.79 SEK, culminating in a grand investment of 464,822,471 SEK.

Truecaller’s Enhanced Portfolio Post-Buyback

Subsequent to these calculated acquisitions, Truecaller boasts an augmented repository of its own shares, holding an imposing tally of 27,904,571 B shares and 5,600,000 C-shares as of March 28, 2024. This burgeoning portfolio equates to a significant 8.79% of the company’s outstanding capital. Factoring in the owned shares, Truecaller's total share count reaches 381,187,529. Subtracting the owned shares, the figure for outstanding shares stands at 347,682,958.

Investor Relations and Company Contact:

For further insights and information regarding these strategic financial maneuvers, Truecaller points to Andreas Frid, the company's Head of IR & Communication. Available at +46 705 29 08 00, or reachable via email at Andreas Frid email, Andreas Frid stands as a pivotal resource for stakeholders interested in understanding the nuances of these latest developments within Truecaller.

About Truecaller

Truecaller (TRUE B), recognized as the leading global platform for contact verification and communication filtration, is at the forefront of promoting safe and relevant exchanges between individuals. The company also prides itself on facilitating efficient business-to-consumer connections. In a digital age where fraud and unwanted communication are rampant, particularly in developing economies, Truecaller is dedicated to instilling trust in communication channels.

The firm has become a staple in the everyday lives of over 374 million active users. The success of Truecaller is also underscored by its astonishing mark of over one billion downloads since its inception. Focused on tackling the problem head-on, Truecaller identified and obstructed close to 50 billion unwelcome calls in the year 2022 alone. With its headquarters planted in Stockholm since 2009, Truecaller is a co-founder-led, enterprising venture supported by a seasoned management team.

Truecaller broke new ground by becoming a publicly traded entity on the Nasdaq Stockholm on October 8, 2021. Interested parties are encouraged to visit Truecaller Corporate for an encompassing purview of the company's undertakings.

Reference and Additional Information

Truecaller’s detailed operations, including these latest share repurchase updates, are conveniently distributed and accessible via Cision, a premier global provider of digital media monitoring and press release distribution services. To gain a deeper understanding of these events, please follow the link to Cision News.

For more detailed reading and to view relevant attachments, Truecaller has made available a press release on the buybacks executed in the 13th week of 2024. This document can be downloaded for thorough perusal at Press release buybacks week 13 2024 Truecaller.

Through strategic planning and an acute focus on enhancing shareholder value, Truecaller’s proactive engagement in share buybacks represents diligent corporate stewardship. It is consistent with growing trends among technology companies to manage share capital effectively, consequently boosting confidence within the investor community.


In conclusion, Stockholm-based Truecaller AB has pressed on with a methodical share repurchase campaign as outlined in its comprehensive buyback program. The transactions are a testament to the company’s commitment to shareholder value and its faith in its long-term strategic goals. By consolidating its position through these buybacks, Truecaller is sending a clear message on its stability and confidence to all its stakeholders, from employees to individual and institutional investors.

The shareholder-focused actions undertaken by Truecaller encapsulate a broader vision that is not limited to immediate fiscal betterment but portrays a steadfast pledge to cultivating a resilient future for the company. As such, this news article, grounded in the specifics provided by Truecaller, elucidates the significant steps the organization is taking towards that future.

To keep abreast of Truecaller's journeys and milestones, members of the public and the investment community alike are invited to stay connected and informed via the resources listed and detailed in this article.

SOURCE: Truecaller AB

By compiling the provided scraped news content into this article, the aim is to present a fully realized narrative that Truecaller's actions are strengthening its operational capacity and advancing the interests of its shareholders.

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