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Small Businesses Gear Up for Expansion Despite Economic Headwinds in 2024


Robert Tavares

May 16, 2024 - 17:28 pm


SMBs Showcase Confidence and Expansion Plans Amid 2024 Economic Challenges

HOUSTON, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a display of resilience and foresight, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the United States are preparing for expansion despite prevailing economic headwinds. According to a comprehensive survey conducted by Wizehire, a predominant number of these businesses anticipate growth and are actively gearing up for hiring within the new few months. Wizehire's 2024 Small Business Report offers a vital outlook on the fervent optimism permeating through the sector, as it delves into the challenges of hiring, business growth, and personnel management that are reshaping the small business topography in 2024.

Wizehire's 2024 Small Business Report: An Overview

The 2024 Small Business Report by Wizehire serves as a barometer for the economic climate from the perspective of 1,000 small business proprietors and operators, ranging in size from 10 to 200 employees. These insights stem from a sector brimming with confidence and underscore their readiness to face an evolving marketplace.

Wizehire Small Business Report: Employee Retention

An Unwavering Resolve to Expand

Against the backdrop of forecasts predicting a languid pace of job growth and an unstimulated economy in 2024, small businesses are charting a different course. A striking 96% of employers plan to widen their workforce in the next half-year. Full-time roles are the focus for 80% of these businesses, while half are considering part-time positions, and 30% are open to engaging contractors or freelancers.

Moreover, a signal of prosperity can be seen in salary actions, with 84% likely to offer raises - a clear indicator of the robust health of these enterprises.

Tackling the Hiring Maze

Recruitment strategies form the backbone of business growth, and Wizehire's findings offer a glimpse into the most proficient practices. Employee referrals take the lead for almost half of the respondent businesses, with job boards and company career pages not far behind. While onboarding, close to half rely on a full HR department with a quarter boasting dedicated HR personnel.

Despite the general satisfaction with candidate quality expressed by 36% of businesses, there lies an acknowledgment of the time-consuming aspect of scouting apt applicants. Further, 22% see the potential for improving the talent influx, pinpointing an area ripe for strategic refinement.

Probing the Pulse of Retention

Retention challenges vary across industries, with a quarter of businesses feeling the brunt of turnovers, while another quarter breeze through the rehiring process. Retail, food service, and home service industries, collectively seeing high turnover, paint a contrast to the 28% that take pride in a stable retention record.

Insight into Small Business Dynamics

Despite poised hiring plans, many small businesses confront hurdles tied to economic convulsions and competitive forces. Uncertainties about fiscal fluidity and consumer spending preoccupy 30%, whereas competitive pressures are a concern for 41%.

Nevertheless, small businesses aren't strangers to success; 62% have charted growth over the past year, with only a marginal fraction needing substantial assistance. There's also a resilience in action; even among the 9% witnessing a slump, a portion are on the mend.

The Everest of Recruiting Challenges

SMBs report that recruiting efficiency is pitted against significant obstacles. Forty-three percent grapple with the intricacies of hiring, and an equal fraction wrestle with attracting the best talents. As crucial as hiring is the retention factor, cited as a considerable concern by 35% of the businesses.

Limited resources plague employee training, according to 34% of respondents, potentially hamstringing staff development. And as wages rise in step with inflation, funding for increased payrates has become a pressing issue, as summed up by a respondent's mention of aspirants demanding steep salaries even for traditionally lower-paying roles.

Fostering Progressive Work Environments

Amidst the various ominous signs, a heartening takeaway is that a venerable 88% of small businesses are actively nurturing inclusive work cultures and espousing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Close to half have introduced employee diversity initiatives, and a similar proportion spotlight diverse leadership at their helm. Signaling their commitment, almost 40% of the businesses regularly invite open-ended discussions and constructive feedback on these crucial aspects.

Concluding Remarks

The report by Wizehire substantiates the enduring spirit and growth trajectory of small businesses in the U.S. Reflecting the sector's landscape, this study highlights the challenges and proactive approaches these enterprises undertake to foster workplace diversity and face hiring complexities. Readers seeking further insights into these findings can peruse the full report.

Unveiling the Methodology

The robustness of Wizehire's report is owed to the methodical approach adopted. Pollfish, the research firm, engaged a thousand American adults, predominantly business owners, accommodating a minor fraction of key business operators. These businesses predominantly comprise team sizes of 10 to 20 personnel. The timing of the survey, encapsulated in the early half of April 2024, ensures the freshness of these insights.

Decoding Wizehire

Established in 2014, Wizehire has carved a niche in the sector as an end-to-end hiring solution that blends cutting-edge software with expert coaching to aid business leaders in assembling their dream teams. Its offerings span across an applicant tracking system, tailored job templates, and scientifically-backed screening strategies. It currently stands as the pillar behind the hiring successes of over 18,000 businesses, reaffirming their hiring procedures.

For interested parties, Wizehire has provided a comprehensive Media Kit.

Media Outreach and Contacts

For media inquiries or further elucidation on the survey or Wizehire's services, the Lead Communications Strategist, Lauren Miley, serves as the point of connection. Her role is pivotal in bridging the informational chasm between the company's insights and the larger public discourse. Communication paths open with Wizehire through the provided links for an engaging exchange of ideas and opinions.

SOURCE: Wizehire

In weaving together the various strands of the 2024 Small Business Report, we get a tapestry of small businesses that are not only weathering economic challenges but are also looking to expand their footprints. One cannot miss the palpable sense of optimism that is pushing these businesses to break new ground, stemming from their strategic hiring maneuvers and their conscious efforts to forge an all-inclusive work culture. As they stand on the precipice of 2024, SMBs are showing not just a willingness but a dogged determination to drive growth, spur innovation, and nurture diversity. It's a narrative of hope and ambition, sketched against an unpredictable economic canvas, where small businesses continue to be vital protagonists in the story of America's commercial progress.

In conclusion, the findings from Wizehire's survey provide an impetus for business leaders, policymakers, and market analysts to reassess their perspectives on the steadfast determination of SMBs to grow and adapt. With a majority of employers setting the stage for an upswing in hiring and investments in personnel development, the landscape for small businesses in the United States could very well be sculpting an era of renewed vigor and vitality.

Considering the multifaceted challenges, from talent acquisition hurdles to financial constraints amid inflationary pressures, SMBs are still scripting an uplifting narrative. This points to the inherent strengths that underpin these businesses — their agility, their close-knit community ethos, and their commitment to core values, including diversity and inclusivity.

The 2024 Small Business Report is thus a testament to the tenacity and foresight of the contemporary entrepreneurial spirit. It radiates a clear message: small businesses are not just surviving; they are poised to thrive, setting a remarkable trend for the rest of the economy to follow.

The essence of such studies, and the proactive stance of companies like Wizehire, underline the importance of data-driven insights in navigating the business world's rapidly changing dynamics. As the soul of the American economy, small businesses are claiming their space with assurance and tenacity, emboldened by strategic planning and an unwavering determination to carry forth their legacy of innovation and enterprise.

As forward-thinkers and drivers of economic growth, these SMBs are geared to transform challenges into opportunities, reflecting a sense of purpose that resonates deeply with the American entrepreneurial dream. The report lays bare the remarkable capacity of small businesses to evolve and excel despite the odds, serving as a blueprint for sustaining and achieving scalable success in the years ahead.

In delivering their unequivocal message of growth and confidence, the SMBs reiterate their role as a cornerstone of the American economy. Unveiling the strategies they've honed to attract and retain quality talent, along with their unquenchable desire to push forward, these businesses are not only fuelling their own ambitions but are also energizing the heart of the nation's economic machinery. As Wizehire's 2024 Small Business Report indicates, the future for SMBs is not one to be forecasted in the shadows of uncertainties, but rather, to be painted with the vibrant strokes of assured growth and inclusive prosperity.