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scientific games hires veteran innovator mike cardell for svp role pioneering continental growth 3


Scientific Games Hires Veteran Innovator Mike Cardell for SVP Role, Pioneering Continental Growth


Lauren Miller

May 6, 2024 - 20:36 pm


Scientific Games Welcomes New Senior Vice President to Accelerate Growth in the Americas

ATLANTA, May 6, 2024 - Scientific Games, an industry powerhouse driving the global gaming and lottery sector forward, made an exciting announcement today, confirming the pivotal appointment of Mike Cardell as the company's new Senior Vice President of Americas Systems. With a rapidly expanding footprint as the most dynamic lottery systems supplier worldwide, Cardell's addition to the leadership is a clear testament to Scientific Games' unwavering commitment to product innovation and investment in top-tier talent to empower their clientele.

Seasoned Leader at the Helm

Cardell embodies the spirit of innovation and leadership, boasting over 17 years of experience under his belt. His illustrious career is marked by a series of triumphs in spearheading technology-driven products and services which include both enterprise-level and consumer applications, efficient transaction processing platforms, and managing significant IT system overhauls. His expertise has been pivotal in steering strategic growth and delivering substantial outcomes.

In his fresh role, Cardell will be overseeing the entirety of the company's lottery systems sector within the Americas. Tasked with driving supplementary revenue, broadening the scope of product offerings, and sustaining the growth of lottery profits in an ethical manner, Cardell is expected to make a big impact. His responsibilities will stretch over executing product and business strategy as well as managing the centralized and regional operations, service quality, and contractual obligations.

John Schulz, the President of Americas & Global Instant Products, lauded Cardell’s appointment, highlighting his sharp acumen for evolving strategies conducive to sustainable growth. "Mike's comprehensive knowledge and formidable leadership abilities render him an indispensable asset for elevating our systems division," stated Schulz. "We are confident that his innovative mindset and executive experience will be instrumental in fortifying our system operations and maintaining our commitment to excellence." The team at Scientific Games is energized to have him on board.

Rich Background and a Vision for Growth

Before joining the Scientific Games family, Cardell made a significant impact during his 11-year tenure at Fiserv, where he held the title of Vice President and General Manager of Next Gen Solutions. While there, he was at the forefront of modernizing legacy banking software solutions and steering cloud transformation solutions for illustrious financial institutions and fintech companies. Cardell also accrued five valuable years in business development and marketing at Hewlett-Packard, adding to his diverse experience.

Cardell, an alumnus of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, enters Scientific Games with a wealth of knowledge and a record of success. His career trajectory through the ranks of significant technology and financial companies has well prepared him for the challenges and innovations he will face in the lottery systems sector.

Impacting the Global Lottery Landscape

Scientific Games stands as a stalwart ally to an impressive roster of over 150 lotteries spanning more than 50 countries. They deliver a comprehensive blend of games, cutting-edge technologies, analytical tools, and services that responsibly maximize returns to beneficiary programs in the respective regions. Their solutions are built on reliability and a forward-thinking approach that has been benefiting communities and governments since 1973.

More Than Just Games

The product suite at Scientific Games is a reflection of their relentless pursuit of excellence, encompassing everything from transformative gaming platforms to enthralling entertainment experiences. They have achieved milestone success in instant games, analytics, retail solutions, and iLottery, underpinned by a sturdy legacy of innovation. By blending security and performance, Scientific Games continues to be a visionary leader, setting high standards for the global gaming and lottery industry.

The company’s mission extends beyond simply providing products; it focuses on elevating the concept of play daily. As pioneers in the space with a rich history of partnership and trust, Scientific Games’ mission is to continue propelling the gaming and lottery sectors to new heights through relentless innovation, with a bedrock of security and verified performance.

Learn More About Scientific Games

For those keen to explore the dynamic world of Scientific Games and their expansive array of services and solutions, more information is readily accessible at their website. By visiting, interested parties can delve into the company’s storied past, innovative present, and the exciting future that lies ahead with leaders like Mike Cardell steering the course.

With the appointment of Mike Cardell, Scientific Games signals not just a change in leadership but a renewed commitment to excellence in the industry. As the gaming and lottery space continues to evolve at a rapid speed, a profound understanding of customer needs and market demands is crucial. Cardell’s elbow-grease and immersive approach to product and service innovation poise Scientific Games to meet and surpass these challenges.

Scientific Games cordially invites stakeholders, partners, and the curious to stay updated on the evolution, contributions, and achievements as the company forges ahead. With a clear focus on strengthening their position as the preferred choice for government-sponsored lottery and sports betting programs globally, they continue to pave the way for a new era of gaming and entertainment.

In Conclusion

With decades of productive and responsible industry leadership, Scientific Games has carved for itself a place of honor in the gaming and lottery domain. As they welcome Mike Cardell into their ranks, they not only boast a capable Senior Vice President for the Americas Systems but also reaffirm their vision for a progressive and responsible growth trajectory. Keeping an eye on the horizon, the company is primed to reach unprecedented milestones and deliver a superior experience to their partners and the communities they serve.

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As a global leader in shaping the future of gaming and lottery, Scientific Games’ strategic appointment of Mike Cardell signifies a renewed vigor and dedication to seizing growth opportunities in the burgeoning Americas market. Their journey ahead promises to be marked by innovation, strategic excellence, and a continued passion for developing new ways to entertain and engage audiences worldwide.

Mike Cardell brings to the table a roadmap for innovation and leadership which will certainly bolster the company's expansion efforts. With clients and communities at the heart of their operations, Scientific Games’ narrative continues to be one of unparalleled industry leadership and community-focused endeavors designed to drive maximum returns to public beneficiaries through an ethical and strategic approach to gaming and lottery services.

This strategic move is but a foreshadowing of the progresses yet to come from Scientific Games as they keep advancing the frontiers of the gaming and lottery industry. With Mike Cardell at the helm for the Americas, the horizon brightens with the promise of innovation, growth, and a reinforced commitment to excellence in all their future enterprises.

In a world where technology and customer needs are ever-evolving, Scientific Games’ decision to infuse new blood into its leadership clearly reflects their intent to stay at the forefront of the industry. This is an exciting chapter not just for Scientific Games but for all the stakeholders vested in the prosperous advancement of the gaming and lottery market across the globe.

As they move forward, the eyes of the gaming community will be intently watching Scientific Games and Mike Cardell's leadership to see how they will continue to redefine what it means to play and how they will shape the future of lottery and gaming for a global audience.

Scientific Games’ story is far from over, and with strategic moves like the appointment of Mike Cardell as Senior Vice President of Americas Systems, they reinforce an enduring legacy. One that is destined to make an even greater mark on the global landscape of entertainment and responsible gaming for many years to come.