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Riko's Pizza Entices Massachusetts with New Tavern-Style Location


Michael Chen

May 8, 2024 - 14:55 pm


Riko's Pizza Expands Its Reach with a New Tavern-Style Spot in Massachusetts

Located within short driving distance from I-195 and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Riko's Pizza—a distinctive pizza franchise celebrated for its super-thin crust tavern-style pies—has opened a new chapter in its growth story with the launch of its first Massachusetts location. This grand opening marks an important addition to the franchise's expansion, becoming its sixth franchise and tenth location overall.

Situated at 227 State Road in the picturesque coastal town of Dartmouth, the eagerly awaited establishment offers more than just mouthwatering pizza; it's a vibrant hub designed to reflect the local community spirit. Riko's has indeed become synonymous with an enchanting neighborhood allure and an expansive array of craft beverages that complement its culinary delights.

The grand opening of this location, announced on May 8, 2024, was heralded with zest amid the participation of an enthusiastic franchisee group spearheaded by the accomplished restaurateur William Medina. With an impressive history that spans over two decades in the culinary world, Medina's expertise has been integral to the commencement of 16 diverse culinary ventures.

The opening ceremony was also an exhibition of camaraderie and a shared vision, with key figures in attendance including franchisees Vinicio and Corey Lopez, and Jen and William Medina. Joining them were pillars of Riko's executive team—CEO Rico Imbrogno and COO Luigi Cardillo—alongside Mike O’Sullivan, CEO of the One Southcoast Chamber of Commerce. The occasion was a testament to the unified efforts and collective anticipation for Riko's debut in Dartmouth.

A Glimpse into the Alluring New Qtriko's Pizza of Dartmouth

The new Riko's Pizza of Dartmouth beckons patrons with its impressive 7,600 square-foot expanse, an epitome of Riko's signature rustic-urban decor that gracefully embodies the local area's vibe. The lavishly furnished space comfortably caters to 235 guests, ensuring a relaxed dine-in experience.

Notably, the venue is equipped with a magnificent 50-foot bar, boasting 45 stools and a selection of 10 beers on tap, tailored for the beverage enthusiasts. The ambiance is further amplified by the presence of 22 large TVs placed strategically throughout the restaurant, fostering an ideal environment for sports fans and gatherings alike.

Guests are invited to indulge in the complete menu Riko's Pizza is renowned for, featuring the classic tavern-style pizzas, oven-roasted wings, custom-tailored salads, and popular desserts. The offerings are complemented by an impressive array of over 25 wines and specialty cocktails, ensuring each visit is a new experience to savor.

Further enhancing its welcoming ambiance, Riko’s Dartmouth caters to an array of social gatherings, ranging from large groups, kids' parties, and fundraisers to live music and other unique events. A dedicated takeout section streamlines the experience for those preferring the comfort of their own spaces. Additionally, ample parking space is available, accommodating over 100 cars, which speaks to the company’s commitment to providing customer convenience.

Riko's Dartmouth: A Culinary Vision Realized

William Medina and his franchisee group—aided by a repository of restaurant management expertise—have been critical in materializing the Dartmouth location. Medina's anticipation harmonizes with the spirit of this bustling town, "I am thrilled to present Riko's Pizza—the King of tavern-style pies—to Dartmouth. Heartfelt thanks go to Riko's leadership for their unyielding support and the City of Dartmouth for their warm reception,” Medina articulates his gratitude, further noting the local community's role in the smooth opening. He believes that the residents and UMass students will become instant fans of Riko's unique flavors and the warm environment it provides, which makes it an unprecedented destination for a myriad of social and personal occasions.

As Riko's Pizza stands at the precipice of its growth, William Medina's compelling words encapsulate what the establishment brings to Dartmouth. With ambitions set high, Riko's Pizza continues to look forward, with plans to unveil more than 15 locations along the East Coast by the end of 2025. Every new location, including hopeful expansions into North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, is a step towards redefining the pizza experience for Americans.

Celebrations and Operations: Marking Riko's Milestone in Dartmouth

The community's spirit was palpable at the ribbon-cutting celebration held on May 7th, 2024, highlighted by speeches from Shawn McDonald, Chair of the Dartmouth Select Board, and Mike O'Sullivan. The ceremony underscored the collaborative efforts and mutual appreciation between Riko's Pizza and the Dartmouth community.

Riko's Pizza of Dartmouth assures service seven days a week, catering to varied schedules and providing an inviting atmosphere and gourmet fare beyond the typical working hours. Guests can look forward to unwinding and dining from 11 am to 10 pm from Monday through Thursday, 11 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

For those eager to explore Riko's Pizza of Dartmouth or to place an order, visiting their website at Riko's Pizza Dartmouth provides all the necessary information. Additionally, the company’s main website Riko's Franchise offers insights into Riko's Pizza, including prospective franchising opportunities.

About Riko's Pizza: A Pioneering Pizza Franchise

Since its inception in 2011, Riko's Pizza has been a highly differentiated pizza franchise celebrated for its commitment to ultra-thin crust tavern-style pizzas, an inviting local neighborhood atmosphere, and a diverse selection of beverages. The fast-growing brand runs its operations through four corporate-owned and six franchise-owned locations across Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.

Building on a successful blueprint, Riko's focus remains on significant market expansion, particularly targeting the Eat Coast. The brand prides itself on its unique menu, which showcases the legendary tavern-style pizza, delectable oven-roasted wings, made-to-order salads, tempting appetizers, and crowd-pleasing desserts.

Every Riko's Pizza location encapsulates an innovative layout combining function and aesthetic appeal, with spacious bars, dining rooms, exterior areas, several television sets, and decor that reflects the essence of the local community. As a destination that caters to a wide audience, including families, partygoers, and sports enthusiasts, Riko's Pizza continues its mission to revamp the traditional American pizza experience.

For further details regarding press inquiries related to Riko's Pizza, Gaffney Bennett PR can be reached for a prompt response through their official contact information.

As Riko's Pizza moves forward on its journey, the opening in Dartmouth is celebrated as more than just another entry in its portfolio—it represents the passion for culinary finesse and the dedication to bringing people together over great pizza. The Dartmouth community is now part of a story that began with a small family-run business and has burgeoned into one of the fastest-growing pizza franchises in America. The Dartmouth episode is an exciting one in Riko's growth, but as Rico Imbrogno states, "This is only the start of our growth story," leaving pizza aficionados and Riko's admirers waiting with bated breath for what comes next as this iconic brand writes its next delicious chapter.