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rally house expands wisconsin footprint with new baraboo outlets 3


Rally House Expands Wisconsin Footprint with New Baraboo Outlets


Lauren Miller

May 17, 2024 - 20:33 pm


Rally House Amplifies Retail Presence in Wisconsin with New Outlet in Baraboo

BARABOO, Wis., May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned sports apparel and merchandise titan, Rally House, announces a significant expansion in Wisconsin. The company has marked its footprint by inaugurating Rally House Outlets at The Dells, positioned conveniently off North Gasser Road, adjacent to the Levi Outlet. This new establishment, which opened its doors to the public this Friday, signifies Rally House's growing commitment to its market extension plans within the region.

In a strategic move last fall, Rally House unveiled Rally House Mayfair Collection in Wauwatosa, showcasing their first venture into the Wisconsin area. Now, the brand has intensified its expansion streak by launching Rally House Outlets at The Dells, heralding a new era in the regional retail landscape. The brand's presence in Baraboo is set to enrich the shopping experience for local residents and visitors alike, offering an extensive array of products that reflect the pride and passion of Wisconsin enthusiasts.

Aaron Johnson, the Vice President of Marketing Strategy for Rally House, exudes excitement over the new addition. Johnson claims, "Wisconsin's residents and transient visitors will be ecstatic to explore Rally House Outlets at The Dells. The people here hold a deep passion for their sports teams and are eager to display their Wisconsin pride. We've designed this store to become the go-to shopping haven for exceptional pro, college, and local merchandise, standing out as the optimal destination for gifts and apparel that capture the spirit of the area."

Patronage is expected to soar with the promise of officially licensed gear featuring a myriad of fan-favorite athletic teams. Rally House Outlets at The Dells boasts an impressive inventory that includes storied names like the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers, and a plethora of others. The showroom also houses an esteemed assembly of brands such as Nike, WEAR by Erin Andrews, Starter, '47, Antigua, and more, satisfying the varied tastes and preferences of their clientele.

Beyond the team paraphernalia, Rally House Outlets at The Dells serves as a treasure trove of local apparel and gifts. The collection is inspired by the iconic attractions, bustling businesses, and cultural themes that Wisconsin is renowned for. Whether you're a resident wanting to express state pride or a visitor seeking souvenirs, the store presents an unparalleled local Wisconsin merchandise selection. Coupling their team gear with the regional product lineup, Rally House Outlets at The Dells offers a diverse array of items catering to all customers.

The entire team at Rally House Outlets at The Dells is eager to welcome sports fans and express their hospitable warmth in-store. For those who prefer online shopping, the company has made their inventory even more accessible via their website,, which features an extensive range of products available with delivery options across all 50 states. Rally House encourages their customers to take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of their online portal.

For further insights into what Rally House Outlets at The Dells has to offer, patrons are invited to browse their dedicated store page. Social media users can also follow the store's updates and announcements on platforms like Facebook by searching for @RallyHouse, or Instagram at @rally_house to stay connected with the latest store activities.

About Rally House

Diligently serving the nation from its headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, Rally House and Sampler Stores Inc. is a family-founded specialty boutique. With over 200 locations spanning across 19 states, Rally House has made its mark by offering an extensive selection of apparel, hats, gifts, and home décor. These products proudly represent local NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS teams alongside an assortment of locally inspired apparel, gifts, and culinary delights. The inclusion of Rally House Outlets at The Dells further establishes the brand's commitment to bringing local team spirit into the homes and hearts of its customer base.

To enhance the customer experience with comprehensive insights into the brand's offerings, Rally House maintains open communication channels. Queries and feedback can be directed to the knowledgeable staff, led by Aaron Johnson, VP of Marketing Strategy, who can be reached at [email protected] Rally House's dedication to customer service is underscored by their prompt and attuned support team, ready to enhance the shopping journey for every visitor.

For the press and those interested in corporate inquiries, Rally House stands as a transparent entity with open lines for communication. Relaying the heralds of their growth and seasonal campaigns remains an integral part of their strategic operations and brand identity.

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With the unveiling of Rally House Outlets at The Dells, the retail environment in Baraboo, and the wider Wisconsin area, is poised for an upsurge in vibrancy and consumer engagement. This strategic store addition underscores Rally House's understanding of the undeniable bond between sports teams and their fans - a bond that is celebrated through apparel and tangible team spirit. Rally House's expansion into Baraboo with its second Wisconsin store fortifies its reputation as a retail leader, propelling the brand to reach remarkable milestones in its quest to unite fans and commend local pride through retail excellence.

Conclusion: Rally House Sprints Ahead with Expansion in Badger State

In conclusion, Rally House's establishment of a second Wisconsin location at The Dells in Baraboo represents a significant stride in the company's ongoing growth. It spotlights the enduring allure of sports and regional identity in the consumer market. Rally House Outlets at The Dells not only offers a curated product line to satisfy the cravings of avid sports fans but also brings forth a deep appreciation for the visceral pride that emanates within the state of Wisconsin. With a collection that spans the sports spectrum and taps into the heart of local culture, Rally House continues to resonate profoundly with customers, fostering community spirit through every item on its shelves.

The strategic placement of Rally House Outlets at The Dells signifies more than just a business expansion; it's an investment into the texture of Wisconsin's community fabric. The launch is a testament to the company's confidence in the region's market and its ability to serve as a nexus for shared excitement and loyalty for sports teams and state pride. Rally House has charted a course for success by planting its roots deeper into the Wisconsin terrain, a move that will undoubtedly yield dividends in the form of enhanced customer experiences and sustained business growth.

Rally House: A Hub for Sports Enthusiasts and Locals Alike

The future for Rally House in Wisconsin seems bright and bullish as they carve out a new alcove in the retail sector, catering to sports enthusiasts and locals who cherish the quintessential Wisconsin lifestyle. It is this blend of enthusiasm and authenticity that Rally House has mastered, manifesting in each location they open. Rally House Outlets at The Dells is just the latest chapter in the Rally House story—a story that continues to unfold with promise and potential as they build a robust retail network that celebrates local traditions and the thrill of the game.

Rally House expects the twin pillars of sports and local culture will be central to their growing identity within the Wisconsin market. As the brand fortifies its newly minted storefront in Baraboo, it reaffirms the foundation of its business model: to offer an avenue where community pride and sports fandom can coalesce into a vibrant retail experience. With eyes set on future expansions and responsive to the evolving demands of their patrons, Rally House is set to remain a staple in Wisconsin and beyond, reinforcing bonds and uniting fans under one retail roof.

Rally Onward: Rally House in Anticipation of Further Growth and Community Integration

Anticipating a warm reception from the Baraboo population and visitors, Rally House looks to the horizon, ready to embrace further opportunities for growth. Their journey, marked by intentional steps and strategic locations, aims to keep them in stride with the heartbeat of the local community and the pulse of fandom. As Rally House Outlets at The Dells welcomes its first customers with open arms, one can sense the palpable excitement that echoes through the aisles—an excitement that mirrors the cheering crowds in stadiums, a true representation of Wisconsin's lively spirit.

As Rally House continues to evolve and expand its horizons, it remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-quality products and unparalleled shopping experiences. Their deep-rooted values in family, community, and sportsmanship form the fabric of their corporate ethos—a tapestry as rich and vibrant as the diverse sports landscapes and the multitude of communities they serve. Rally House's recent expansion in Wisconsin is not just a mark of their successful business trajectory, but also a celebration of the enduring spirit that makes the sports and local merchandise market one of perpetual enthusiasm and alliance.

The opening of Rally House Outlets at The Dells stands as a beacon for collective pride, showcasing the company's alignment with Wisconsin's spirited residents and their love for their home teams and state. Rally House's eyes are firmly set on the future—with each new store opening, they continue to ingrain themselves into the fabric of each community they enter. As they herald a new chapter in Wisconsin's retail scene, they reinforce their promise to keep the Rally House flag soaring high, marking the landscape with landmarks of sports fervor and local allegiance.