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Mammoth Merger on the Horizon: Independent Bank Group Unites with SouthState


Lauren Miller

May 20, 2024 - 23:54 pm


Pioneering Aquisition: Independent Bank Group Merges with SouthState Corporation

NEW YORK, May 20, 2024 -- In what is shaping up to be a significant event in the financial sector, Rowley Law PLLC has begun an extensive evaluation of potential violations of securities legislation connected to the recent merger announcement from Independent Bank Group, Inc. The Texas-based financial institution, publicly traded under the NASDAQ symbol IBTX, is poised for acquisition by SouthState Corporation, with ticker symbol SSB on the New York Stock Exchange. This impending unification, with a formidable valuation of around $2 billion, is scheduled to reach completion by the first quarter of the next year, 2025.

Investors of Independent Bank Group, Inc. are currently set to gain 0.60 shares of SouthState common stock for each share held within Independent Bank Group. This strategic consolidation promises to reshape the landscape of banking, creating a formidable entity in the market.

Sought After: Shareholder Insight

Shareholders of Independent Bank Group who seek to delve deeper into this investigation, or who are hovering over the possibility of taking action, have been pointed towards the Rowley Law website for comprehensive information. The firm extends an invitation to these individuals to explore their options and the various intricacies of this legal examination at their dedicated webpage, Rowley Law Independent Bank Group Investigation.

Legal Assistance and Corporate Vigilance

Shane Rowley, Esq., an esteemed attorney at Rowley Law PLLC, has positioned himself at the forefront of this situation. He is earnestly offering personalized counsel and guidance through this complex legal landscape from his base at their White Plains, NY office. To accommodate the varied needs of shareholders, multiple communication channels have been established. Interested parties may reach out via email at [email protected], via telephone at 914-400-1920, or toll-free at 844-400-4643.

About Rowley Law PLLC

Rowley Law PLLC carries a reputable stature in the legal community, primarily known for representing shareholders across the nation in class actions and derivative lawsuits within the realm of complex corporate litigation. Those interested in learning more about the firm, its mission, and the collective expertise of its attorneys, can visit their online domain at Rowley Law Website.

Legal Disclosure and Integrity

Rowley Law PLLC esteems the principle of transparency and ethics within legal proceedings. It is imperative to note that while this particular case's outcome remains undetermined, the firm maintains a principle of honesty in all advertising endeavors and asserts that past results are not a guaranteed predictor of future verdicts or outcomes.

Analysis of The Merger

The proposed absorption of Independent Bank Group by SouthState Corporation marks an extraordinary alignment within the banking industry. The terms laid out dictate a conversion ratio favoring existing shareholders of Independent Bank Group, through a provision of SouthState common stock, which reflects the financial swagger this joint venture is set to bear upon culmination.

At a proposed value hovering around the $2 billion mark, this transaction signals a robust confidence in the aspirational growth and the corresponding synergistic boost anticipated post-merger. Given the significant financial implications, it is unsurprising that this move has spurred legal and shareholder scrutiny, conducted with the thorough due diligence typical of such transformative corporate events.

Current Shareholder Options

Rowley Law PLLC is meticulously crafting an analysis of the deal from a legal standpoint. The potential for securities law violations necessitates a deep dive into the agreement's particulars, the proceedings of the board of directors, and the communication made to shareholders. Given these complexities, the legal team is working tirelessly to unravel the legal conundrums and evaluate whether any aspect of the acquisition contravenes securities regulations.

Shareholders of Independent Bank Group may entertain several courses of action. One critical avenue is participation in this legal investigation, contributing their voice and possibly aligning with other shareholders in a class action or directly engaging in the proceedings.

Future Implications of the Merger

Anticipation brews as the market watches the deal progress towards an expected closure in early 2025. The transaction's closure will likely precipitate substantial ripple effects—reshaping service portfolios, broadening customer bases, and potentially streamlining operations to harness efficiencies. The thoughtful structuring of this merger could bear witness to a new banking titan, one wielding greater resources and market presence, poised to navigate the competitive and ever-evolving financial landscape.

The ultimate success of the merger will hinge on seamless integration and the harnessing of corporate cultures, customer goodwill, and strategic planning. How this merger's success translates into shareholder value will remain a focal point of attention for all parties involved.

Guidance for Interested Shareholders

Individuals holding an interest in Independent Bank Group and seeking further enlightenment regarding the merger's consequences are greeted with the opportunity to glean insights and guidance through the exploration of the firm’s website. The availability of a dedicated investigation page serves not only as a source of information but as a forum to raise queries and engage with the firm's legal experts.

Contact Information and Further Inquiries

Shane Rowley, Esq. at Rowley Law PLLC remains at the ready, welcoming communications from shareholders seeking knowledge or pondering legal steps concerning the merger of the two financial entities. The firm advocates for shareholders' rights and ensures accessibility by offering multiple communication channels for legal assistance. Concerned parties are encouraged to make contact via the provided email, telephone numbers, or the toll-free line for in-depth consultations.

Distinctive Expertise and Legal Forefront

Rowley Law PLLC, strategically positioned at the legal forefront, brings an array of experience in championing shareholder interests and navigating complex corporate litigations. An invitation stands for everyone to acquaint themselves with the firm's legacy, vision, and accolades through their comprehensive website.

Ethical Assurance and Forward Outlook

The legal sphere's commitment to ethical practice is echoed by Rowley Law PLLC's transparency in advertising and client relations. The reminder provided concerning past legal outcomes safeguard against presumptive expectations but also reassure clients of the firm's integrity and steadfast dedication to achieving just and favorable outcomes for all shareholder-related litigations.

Emphasizing the Significance of the Merger's Value

The $2 billion valuation attached to the acquisition of Independent Bank Group by SouthState Corporation not only reflects the magnitude of this financial maneuver but exemplifies the stronghold the joint entity aims to create in the banking sector.

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Action Opportunities for Independent Bank Group Stakeholders

As Rowley Law PLLC delves into the depths of the proposed transaction, shareholders are concise in their potential actions, ranging from direct engagement in the investigation to synergizing with other investors in class action suits or attending informative sessions by the firm.

The Strategic Consequences of the Acquisition

The banking industry sits at the cusp of a transformative shift as the $2 billion merger between Independent Bank Group and SouthState Corporation progresses. The culmination of this substantial conglomeration is expected to fortify the newly merged entity's position in the financial market, driving forward their vision with newfound capabilities and influence.

Paving Pathways for Shareholder Engagement

Inducing proactive shareholder engagement, the investigation page provided by Rowley Law PLLC offers a comprehensive resource for investors to grasp the potential impact of the merger, inciting informed decisions and participation in any forthcoming legal proceedings.

Seamless Channels For Expert Communication

Shareholders navigating through the intricacies of this merger are ensured complete accessibility to legal expertise, with Shane Rowley, Esq., and his team providing full transparency and tailored advice through various communication lines.

Unveiling Legal Prowess and Firm Principals

A beacon of legal advocacy, Rowley Law PLLC stands out with its profound dedication to shareholder representation, inviting individuals to explore the firm's extensive history and legal acumen through a well-curated digital presence.

Upholding Legal Principles and Predictability

Rowley Law PLLC enforces its pledge towards ethical legal practices, asserting that historical successes are indicative of dedication but are not a sole predictor of future results, hence ensuring a clear and trustworthy communication line with their clientele.

Transforming the Banking Industry: A $2 Billion Vision

In what marks a historical pivot for the financial landscape, the formidable $2 billion merger of Independent Bank Group with SouthState Corporation promises to inaugurate a banking powerhouse with an expansive reach and an enriched service portfolio.

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Independent Bank Group Investors: Exploring Legal Options

As Rowley Law PLLC commits to exhaustive legal scrutiny, shareholders are granted the scope to examine the intricacies of the merger, safeguarding their interests through active inquiry and participation, leveraging the investigative channels offered by the legal firm.

Sustained Synergy: Anticipating the Impact of Union

With the industry buzzing in anticipation, the projected early 2025 culmination of this merger surfaces expectations surrounding market dynamics, operational efficiencies, and strategic advantages, with a rallied focus on stakeholder value.

Empowerment Through Insight: A Resource for Shareholders

The merger's investigation page stands as a testament to empowered decision-making for shareholders, providing the foundational knowledge necessary to address their concerns and partake in the larger shareholder discourse.

Expert Access: Fostering Shareholder Confidence

Availability and inclusivity underscore the contact initiative by Rowley Law PLLC, as Shane Rowley, Esq., bolsters shareholder confidence with accessible expertise, welcoming input, concerns, and deliberations regarding the merger’s complexity.

The Legacy and Expertise of Rowley Law PLLC

Invoking a discerning understanding of complex corporate litigation, Rowley Law PLLC’s portfolio of case successes and professional ethos draw shareholders to a firm which artfully combines legal excellence with shareholder advocacy.

Integrity in Practice: The Foundation of Trust

In alignment with the fundamental principles of good legal practice, Rowley Law PLLC affirms its commitment to ethical representation and trustworthy client communications, reinforcing the principle that past results mirror commitment, not guarantee future outcomes.


The corporate fusion between Independent Bank Group and SouthState Corporation, subject to legal assessments on potential securities law violations, stands as a testament to the banking industry’s ongoing evolution. With the formation of a major player poised on the horizon, both shareholders and the market at large await with keen interest the unfolding of this $2 billion transaction. As legal experts like Rowley Law PLLC navigate the waters of corporate mergers and acquisitions, they ensure that transparent and ethical practices remain the bedrock of shareholder representation. It's a narrative that continues to evolve, promising new chapters of opportunity, due diligence, and legal prudence in the world of finance.