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level agency ascends a spectacle of marketing mastery at fcs portfolio awards 3


Level Agency Ascends: A Spectacle of Marketing Mastery at FCS Portfolio Awards


Robert Tavares

May 7, 2024 - 18:24 pm


Level Agency's Creative Triumph at the Annual FCS Portfolio Awards

NEW YORK, May 7, 2024 — The 30th Annual Financial Communications Society (FCS) Portfolio Awards have become the latest stage for Level Agency to showcase their expertise and strategic creativity in marketing. In a celebration that recognizes marketing excellence within the financial sector, Level Agency, along with its clients, have been acclaimed for their innovative and impactful campaigns which have significantly enhanced their presence within the industry.

On what was an evening full of rigorous competition, clients of Level Agency emerged successfully, garnering a total of four prestigious awards across various integrated performance marketing categories.

Kevin Windorf, the esteemed CEO of the Financial Communications Society, marked the significance of the accolades by pointing out the sheer volume of participation and the level of scrutiny involved in the judging process. "Winning a Portfolio Award from the FCS is recognition of creative excellence in an industry where marketers are constantly challenged to be their very best," Windorf stated. Having received over 600 entries from 125 different companies, the competition broke records. The entries were meticulously evaluated by 49 experienced marketers who served as judges, ensuring that only those with true creative dominance were selected as winners. Windorf concluded with a nod to the victors, recognizing the bold ideas and fresh insights that enable clients to stand out and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

A Cascade of Gold and Bronze for Marketing Excellence

Among the winners was Milli Bank, a client of Level Agency, which secured two Gold awards:

  1. Digital Display, Consumer: For their remarkable use of dynamic technology in updating APY rates in real time, offering a fluid and informative customer experience.
  2. Apps and Tools, Consumer: By launching an initiative to empower financial literacy with Milli Bank's Financial Wellness Quiz Journey, the firm provided an engaging and educational tool for consumers.

Additionally, Milli Bank seized a Bronze award in the Integrated Marketing, Consumer category for its strategic communication architecture that transformed how financial empowerment is perceived and engaged with by consumers.

Not to be outshone, MissionSquare Retirement earned their spot on the winners' list as well, securing a Bronze award for Online Video, B2B, through their innovative "Call-To-Retire" campaign, which tapped into the needs and aspirations of their business clientele.

Recognition Beyond the Awards

Jenna Bluedorn, the dynamic AVP of Client Services at Level Agency, expressed her pride in the company’s accomplishments within the financial services marketing sector. The recognition from the Financial Communication Society is not merely a trophy on their shelves but echoes the profound impact, growth, and solid partnerships the agency has nurtured with clients enabling them to flourish amidst a tough competitive environment.

Bluedorn emphasized the joint dedication and expertise that has become synonymous with Level Agency’s brand, affirming their standing in the industry not just as a company that drives success for its clients but also as one that celebrates innovation.

Continuing on a trajectory of excellence, Level Agency's string of victories, particularly following their multiple wins in the previous year, underlines their consistent performance and unyielding commitment to devising strategies that not only win awards but also win market share and consumer trust in close partnership with clients.

Patrick Van Gorder, President of Level Agency, touched upon the company's philosophy surrounding their work, saying, "We don't do it for the awards, but it's fun to have the team's great work and our clients' innovative products recognized so consistently." His comments highlight Level Agency's positioning at the cutting edge of technology-led innovation and effective performance marketing in the financial sector.

The Fabric of Level Agency: Hypothesis-Driven Performance Marketing

Delving into the inner workings of Level Agency reveals their hypothesis-driven methodology branded as "Test.Learn.Grow." This approach is rooted in lean and agile principles, merging them with design thinking to deliver creative outcomes that not only captivate but drive performance.

Their solutions are far from facile – they are comprehensive, integrating both the traditional fabric of marketing with the modernity of digital strategies. This synthesis allows Level Agency to assist their partners in understanding customer behaviors, adapting to evolving consumer challenges, and essentially evolving with them.

About Level Agency:

Level Agency has carved its path as a vanguard performance marketing agency, where bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing strategies is at the core of their service offerings. Their bespoke "Test.Learn.Grow." philosophy applies lean, agile methodologies coupled with design thinking to evolve performance creative. This strategy equips their partners with deep insights into customer behaviors and the ever-changing consumer landscape.

To dive deeper into the world of Level Agency and explore their innovative marketing solutions, visit their website at

The Road Ahead: Navigating the Future with Finesse

The efforts of Level Agency and its clients are a testament to the power of collaboration, vision, and creativity in the financial services marketing arena. With challenges mounting in an industry as dynamic as finance, the agency has not only managed to keep pace but has set the bar for what is achievable through strategic marketing campaigns.

The future looks promising for Level Agency as they continue leveraging technology and innovation to lead charge in the marketplace. They stand as an example to many, showcasing that recognizing talent, fostering partnerships, and driving growth are the keystones for success in the modern marketing world.

This year's accolades will serve as a benchmark for Level Agency as they push boundaries and set new standards in marketing excellence. With their eyes set on the future and a commitment to continuous improvement, the collective success of Level Agency and its clients is bound to burgeon in the years to come.


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