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LandSouth Construction Leads New Era of Luxury with Livano Charlotte Harbor Project


Michael Chen

April 8, 2024 - 18:58 pm


LandSouth Construction Embarks on New High-End Multifamily Development in Port Charlotte

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 8, 2024 – Jacksonville's premier general contractor, LandSouth Construction, has officially commenced construction on a luxurious multifamily complex, Livano Charlotte Harbor, nestled in the heart of Port Charlotte, FL. With the ceremonious turning of the earth, the development marks yet another collaborative venture between LandSouth and renowned developer LIV Development, promising to bring an upscale living experience to the area.

The eagerly anticipated completion of Livano Charlotte Harbor is slated for early 2026. This project represents the culmination of a strong and productive partnership, entrusted once again to the capable hands of LandSouth, a company known for its dedication to excellence and innovation in the construction of multifamily dwellings.

James Pyle, LandSouth's President and CEO, conveyed his enthusiasm for the project, "We are immensely proud to join forces once more with our esteemed partner, LIV Development, and commence work on this magnificent development in the Port Charlotte region."

The Livano Charlotte Harbor project will be expertly managed by Mason Burk, with Travis Hall stepping in as the Assistant Project Manager. Charlotte Dempster will be entrusted with the responsibilities of construction administration. Completing the skilled management team, Blair Barkentin takes helm as the superintendent, and Joyce Englander oversees the division.

Livano Charlotte Harbor has been architecturally crafted by Charlan Brock Architects, an esteemed firm known for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. The complex will feature seven buildings, each with four stories, and a varied range of 10 floor plans. These will cater to diverse preferences and needs, offering one to three bedrooms and spanning from 831 to 1594 square feet.

Residents of the 333-unit Livano Charlotte Harbor can look forward to exceptional amenities provided at their doorstep. With around-the-clock access to a fitness center and pool, a shift towards a healthy lifestyle becomes effortlessly achievable. The Livano Workplace offers private offices, indicating a perfect blend of convenience and professionalism for those who work from home. The Livano Marketplace, inclusive of a community market alongside the Trapeze Coffee bar, adds an exclusive retail experience for the residents. Pet lovers will be delighted with the dog park, while outdoor fire pits, grilling stations, and pergolas create an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and social gatherings. The development promises exclusive resident events and even a boat house, ensuring an unparalleled living experience.

"It's a great pleasure to collaborate with LIV Development again," shared Mason Burk, the project's LandSouth manager. "We're eager to deliver a unique project layered with signature amenities, thereby contributing to the growth and appeal of Port Charlotte."

Employing LandSouth's unique integrated construction methodology, the development will be built with a seamless synergy between service components, cultivating an efficient and streamlined process that is bolstered by proven procedures, systems, and advanced technology.

About LandSouth Construction

LandSouth Construction, the southeastern powerhouse in general contracting, has been crafting impressive multifamily, senior living, and mixed-use spaces since 1998. With a noteworthy place on Engineering News Record's Top 400 list, the company's projects are synonymous with high-quality and highly-anticipated communities.

LandSouth's headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida, and their portfolio boasts the transformation of visionary ideas into over 25,000 outstanding multifamily units. To gain further insights into LandSouth’s exceptional services or for other inquiries, Mary Hamilton can be reached at 904.760.3182, or one may visit their website at

About LIV Development

LIV Development, a leader in crafting luxury Class-A multifamily communities, is committed to delivering a superior living standard, aptly termed as "higher return on life." Their properties are a testament to innovative design and community fostering spaces, meticulously brought from concept to reality for inhabitant pleasure and satisfaction.

Since its inception in 2006, LIV Development has been responsible for the creation of over 20,000 units. The expansive market capitalization of these projects is valued at approximately $7.5 billion. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, LIV's influence extends from its primary location through regional offices in Charlotte, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Tampa.

For those keen to explore the world of luxury living designed by LIV, further information is available on their website

For press inquiries, please contact Mary Hamilton at (904) 760-3182.

Source: LandSouth Construction

The Livano Charlotte Harbor Experience

Beyond the masterful construction and world-class amenities, Livano Charlotte Harbor is poised to redefine the ethos of luxury living in Port Charlotte. The multi-level buildings will create a prominent skyline, while the inside of each apartment will boast modern finishes, appealing layouts, and cutting-edge appliances that cater to every aspect of contemporary comfort.

The development's exterior is thoughtfully designed to blend with the tropical Floridian backdrop, featuring landscaping that complements the natural beauty of the locale. Each building's strategic positioning offers an abundant influx of sunlight, optimizing energy usage and enhancing the overall well-being of the residents.

A Community Built on Convenience and Luxury

Livano Charlotte Harbor is more than just a housing complex; it's a vibrant ecosystem that champions resident convenience and luxury. The planned amenities are not only top-tier in quality but devised to foster a sense of community among residents. From the private workspaces to the shared leisure zones, every feature is aimed at creating a harmonious and interconnected living experience.

The meticulously chosen location of Livano Charlotte Harbor ensures that residents have easy access to local attractions, shopping districts, dining experiences, and natural preserves. This proximity to essential and leisure services perfectly complements the serene residential space being created, offering the ideal blend of tranquility and vibrancy for a diverse demographic of residents.

A Nod to Sustainable and Integrated Living

The approach taken by LandSouth Construction in developing Livano Charlotte Harbor extends beyond traditional building techniques. Their integrated construction methodology is a testament to an innovative spirit that values environmental preservation, energy efficiency, and sustainable living.

Each aspect of the development, from the sourcing of materials to the implementation of energy-saving systems, is carefully evaluated to ensure minimal environmental impact. The future-focused vision of both LandSouth and LIV Development aligns with the ever-growing societal demand for responsible real estate development.

A Landmark Development by Seasoned Experts

LandSouth's proven track record in executing diverse and complex projects coupled with their acknowledged position in the ENR Top 400 sets Livano Charlotte Harbor up for success. Their disciplined approach, buoyed by rich experience in the sector, facilitates a process where visions are executed with precision, ingenuity, and respect for timelines and budgets.

Both LandSouth and LIV Development are known for their meticulous attention to detail, from the grand architectural visions to the smallest decorative touches. This dedication ensures that each resident will enjoy not only the stylish surroundings but also the thoughtful conveniences that modern life dictates.

The Future of Multifamily Developments

As populations grow and the quest for high-quality residential options intensifies, projects like Livano Charlotte Harbor emerge as benchmarks for the multifamily development sector. They are prime examples of how design and function can merge to serve the evolving needs of community-oriented living spaces.

LandSouth Construction and LIV Development are charting a course for future developments, illustrating that luxury, sustainability, and community can coexist within the multifamily market, creating spaces where lives are not just lived but enriched in every dimension.

The anticipation surrounding the Livano Charlotte Harbor project extends across the Port Charlotte community and beyond. As the region prepares to embrace this new addition to its residential offerings, the promise of quality, luxury, and community holds the potential to elevate the standards of multifamily living to unprecedented heights.

In a growing and dynamic Port Charlotte, Livano Charlotte Harbor stands as a beacon of refined living, representing the joint vision and commitment of LandSouth Construction and LIV Development to redefine the landscape of luxury multifamily homes.