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landmark legal battle ensues as reid collins tackles high profile malpractice suit 3


Landmark Legal Battle Ensues as Reid Collins Tackles High-Profile Malpractice Suit


Robert Tavares

May 8, 2024 - 23:40 pm


Tightening the Scales of Justice: Reid Collins Prevails in Pursuing Legal Malpractice Case

The esteemed business litigation and trial firm, Reid Collins & Tsai LLP, takes the lead in prosecuting a formidable legal malpractice lawsuit against the Atlanta-based law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP.

In developments that are sure to echo within legal corridors nationwide, a significant legal malpractice claim is unfolding. Reid Collins & Tsai LLP, a nationally renowned trial firm, announced today its progress against Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, also known by the shorthand Morris Manning. Firmly situated at the forefront of this legal showdown, Reid Collins bears the standard for what many recognize as a landmark case.

Emerging from the shadows of courtroom deliberations, the action is set to proceed, with a ruling indicating Morris Manning's defense, lodged in hopes of an expeditious dismissal, has been denied. This critical juncture marks a victory for the prosecutorial mantle wielded by Reid Collins, signaling that the heart of the case will be laid bare in the discovery phase.

Sweeping Malpractice Allegations Amid a Ponzi Scheme

GREENVILLE, S.C., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- An atmosphere of anticipation hangs over the legal community as Reid Collins & Tsai LLP, known colloquially as Reid Collins, pronounces a triumph in bringing to light a legal malpractice lawsuit intertwined with a nation-gripping $310 million Ponzi scheme. This controversial scheme disproportionately targeted elderly individuals hoping for secure retirement investments, as well as military veterans enduring dire financial situations. At the eye of this legal storm is the Atlanta-headquartered law firm Morris Manning.

Central to this litigation are allegations that Morris Manning's erroneous legal advice and ethically questionable conduct amplified the failures of its client, Future Income Payments LLC (formerly Pensions, Annuities, and Settlements, LLC), colloquially known as FIP. It’s posited that legal missteps, particularly those of a leading Morris Manning partner, along with ongoing conflicts of interest, materially hastened FIP's downward spiral from a financially viable venture into a crumbling Ponzi scheme desperate to avert its inevitable collapse.

On April 30, 2024, the judicial body of South Carolina's federal court disallowed Morris Manning's motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The law firm had hoped to lean on the statute of limitations as a shield; however, the court's ruling cuts through Morris Manning's defense, declaring that the lawsuit shall advance toward the explorative stage of discovery—a decisive and revealing part of the litigation process.

The Complicated Backstory

FIP, established in 2011, carved its niche by offering immediate financial relief to seniors and veterans in exchange for their future pension payments. While lucrative, the business operation skirted a fine line: if these transactions were deemed loans, they risked running afoul of state usury laws, which proscribe exorbitant interest rates; if termed assignments or transfers, they might transgress federal statutes against alienating pensions.

Seemingly in hopes of evading legal entanglements while enhancing its success, FIP contemplated an overhaul of its business approach. The new scheme would bridge pensioners with investors, with FIP appropriating a role as the intermediary earning fees for orchestrating and managing these transactions.

Soliciting the expertise of James Maxson, a Morris Manning partner, FIP aimed to fortify its revised model. Maxson's task—assess and advise FIP on the revised structural venture and scout for potential legal pitfalls. A memorandum, under the banner of Morris Manning, emerged, assuring the unlikelihood of the adjusted model being pegged as an "investment contract," thus skirting federal securities law obligations. Yet, it fell short in identifying the elemental flaws in FIP's business framework.

Complicating matters was Maxson and his firm's persistent conflict of interest. Concurrently representing entities, scoped under the dominion of Maxson’s client, Benjamin Geber, which could stand to gain via FIP commissions, it hinged on Morris Manning's green light on FIP's amended business model. All the while, as FIP's external chief legal officer, Maxson's comprehensive knowledge of its operations was echoed in the drafting and scrutiny of the legal documents and promotional materials that played a pivotal role in attracting investors. Nevertheless, despite the intimacy of this association, critical disclosures regarding the looming regulatory hitches, inherent conflictual interests, and other material defects were conspicuously absent from counsel.

These omissions and entanglements set forth a cascade of law enforcement interventions by state agencies and authorities, redounding to abysmal liabilities amidst allegations of mail, wire, and securities fraud. Maxson severed ties with Morris Manning in January 2015 but remained with FIP until its eventual operational halt in April 2018. The aftermath left a trail of investors adrift with roughly $310 million claims, while Morris Manning retained its legally contested fees.

Litigating for Justice: A Receiver's Quest

In this legal battlefield, Reid Collins represents Beattie B. Ashmore, the judicially appointed Federal Receiver for the FIP Receivership Entities. The Receiver’s mantle is to claw back assets fraudulently dissipated in the debacle. The suit in question bears the caption Beattie B. Ashmore, a Receiver for the FIP Receivership Entities v. Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, Civil Action No. 6:23-cv-04592-BHH, with the U.S.D.C. District of South Carolina presiding over these contentious proceedings.

Insight into Reid Collins' Legal Prowess

Standing tall as one of the nation's premier plaintiffs' trial firms, Reid Collins & Tsai LLP wields a remarkable record of litigating complex commercial disputes, securing billions in notably substantial settlements and judgments. Boasting a squad of seasoned trial attorneys, the firm has garnered distinction for its dexterous orchestration of financial fraud, corporate misconduct, bankruptcy and insolvency litigation, partnership quarrels, professional liability charges, and intricate cross-border contentious matters. Its clientele encompasses a wide range of litigants—fund managers, investment assemblages, trustees, receivers, liquidators, major international banks, corporate entities, government bodies, and private individuals across a variety of legal playing fields.

For further inquiry or subtler details, the firm's narrative and archives are housed at, offering a comprehensive view of its legal ambits and conquests.

Branching out, Reid Collins extends its reach from Austin to Dallas, New York, Washington D.C., and Wilmington, ensuring a geographical hegemony that accommodates a diverse portfolio of legal needs and challenges.

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Teeming with anticipation, the legal fraternity and the public at large watch as Reid Collins & Tsai LLP steers this consequential legal malpractice case into the annals of legal history, potentially reshaping how law firms and attorneys approach their duties and the ethical standards they uphold. This strategic win for Reid Collins exemplifies not only the singular case progression but also a resolute commitment to ensuring that law firms remain accountable to the highest professional standards.

As the case proceeds inexorably toward discovery, the stage of transparency, so too does the promise of a more scrupulous legal landscape. And it is within this crucible, fortified by insistence on accountability within the legal practice, that a new criterion of regards for client interest and rectitude may emerge.

Contact Information: Reid Collins & Tsai LLP is represented by the indomitable Alexander Coxe, reachable at 212.365.4792. Braced for correspondence, Alexander can be contacted directly through the firm’s designated conduit at [email protected].

Source Acknowledgement: Echoing through the legal arena, the source of these proceedings and the authoritative representation lie with Reid Collins & Tsai LLP.

In a narrative thick with complexities and moral queries, there stands to be significant scrutiny of legal practices and the subsequent ramifications of attorneys' advisory roles. More significant still is the promise this case holds for legions of investors affected by troubled ventures, reinforcing the belief that justice, though sometimes painstaking in its course, remains within reach.