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Koppers Holdings Amplifies Investor Engagement with Forefront Conferences in 2024


Lauren Miller

May 20, 2024 - 11:55 am


Koppers Holdings Prepares to Engage with Investors at Upcoming Conferences

In a recent announcement, Koppers Holdings Inc. confirmed its plan to host investor meetings during their participation in several investor conferences. This aligns with the company's strategy to enhance investor relations and provide insights into its latest developments and future endeavors.

Koppers Takes the Virtual Stage for Singular Research Webinar

On May 22, 2024, an important event has been scheduled for Koppers Holdings Inc., wherein they will take an active part in the Singular Research Spring Select Webinar. The firm's participation will indeed be conducted virtually, an approach that demonstrates the company’s adaptability to technologically driven environments.

Bradley Pearce, the Chief Accounting Officer, alongside Quynh McGuire, Vice President of Investor Relations, will represent Koppers management. Their involvement is set to provide a deep dive into the financials and strategic direction of Koppers, offering investors critical perspectives on the company’s performance and outlook.

Engaging Face-to-Face at B. Riley Securities Conference

The following day, Koppers will pivot to an in-person format at the B. Riley Securities Institutional Investor Conference, a significant gathering to be held in Beverly Hills, California, on May 23, 2024. This event accentuates the importance of direct, tangible engagement with the investment community, which often fosters more profound connections and discussions.

Serving as the company’s spokespersons, Jimmi Sue Smith, the Chief Financial Officer, and again, Quynh McGuire, will interact with attendees, share insights, and highlight the company's financial health and strategic plans. Their presence is a testament to Koppers' commitment to maintaining a transparent and ongoing dialogue with investors.

Investor Resources and Presentation Materials

Investors and interested stakeholders can access Koppers' presentation materials, which will be available on the company’s website within the Investor Relations section. This segment of the website is meticulously maintained to ensure that visitors have access to the most current and comprehensive data to inform their investment decisions.

The provision of these materials digitally reflects Koppers' dedication to delivering essential information efficiently and sustainably, recognizing the evolving needs of the modern investor.

About Koppers: A Comprehensive Overview

Koppers, traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KOP, has established itself as an integrated global provider at the forefront of treated wood products, wood preservation technologies, and carbon compounds. Anchored by an expert team of approximately 2,200 employees, Koppers is instrumental in creating, protecting, and preserving vital aspects of global infrastructure.

The company's extensive product range includes crucial components such as railroad crossties, utility poles, outdoor wooden structures, and feedstocks for industries including steel, aluminum, and construction materials. With years of industry-leading expertise, Koppers continually innovates to stay ahead of the curve, proactively meeting the needs of tomorrow.

Koppers' mission, "Protecting What Matters, Preserving The Future," encapsulates their commitment to delivering safe, sustainable solutions that facilitate rail transportation, ensure continuous power flow, and provide spaces for public enjoyment across the globe. For a detailed exploration of Koppers' vision and contributions, potential investors and interested parties can visit

Media and Investment Community Contact Details

For further inquiries from the media, Jessica Franklin Black is the designated point of contact. She can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 412-227-2025. This open channel for communication with the press underlines Koppers' approach to maintaining transparency and fostering positive relations with the media.

Quynh McGuire, who has a pivotal role in handling investor relations, is available for inquiries from the investment community. Investors can contact Ms. McGuire at [email protected] or phone her at 412-227-2049. This dedicated contact point for investors ensures that their needs and questions are addressed promptly and accurately, thereby enhancing the investor relations framework of Koppers.

A Glimpse into Koppers' Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Koppers' engagement with the investment community is anchored in a robust corporate governance framework. The company's transparent and ethical practices are intended to promote accountability and long-term value for shareholders. These principles are not only a bedrock for investor relations but also for Koppers' position in the market as a reliable and consistent performer.

The focus on sustainability is integral to Koppers' operations. By implementing sustainable practices, the company solidifies its commitment to environmental stewardship, a key concern for contemporary investors who are increasingly looking to support businesses that prioritize the planet's wellbeing in their growth strategies.

Strategic Vision: Expanding Horizons

As Koppers prepares for these upcoming investor conferences, the strategic vision that will be communicated is one of expansion and innovation. The company’s continuous growth and adaptation in its product offerings reflect a keen understanding of market dynamics and the evolving needs of society.

Investors attending these conferences can expect to gain insights into how Koppers intends to leverage its vast expertise in treated wood products and carbon compounds to penetrate new markets, optimize production, and enhance its supply chains. By sharing this forward-thinking approach, Koppers not only reassures existing investors of its stability and growth potential but also attracts new interest from the broader investment community.

Building Investor Confidence

The selected representatives, Bradley Pearce, Junmi Sue Smith, and Quynh McGuire, bear the mantle of Koppers' commitment to investor confidence. Their presentation at the Singular Research Spring Select Webinar and the B. Riley Securities Investor Conference will extend beyond the financials to showcase strategic initiatives that drive operational excellence.

Koppers understands that the confidence of investors is underpinned by not only the strength of quarterly reports but also by demonstrating adaptability to industry shifts and proactive management of emerging global challenges. The discussions at these conferences will inevitably cover such elements, further solidifying Koppers' image as a company in command of its growth trajectory.

Infrastructural Impact: Tackling Tomorrow’s Needs

The infrastructural components that Koppers provides are integral to the very fabric of modern society. The focus on railroad crossties and utility poles, for example, is more than just a business vertical—it represents Koppers' significant role in ensuring the smooth operation of transportation networks and reliable energy distribution.

This narrative of impact and responsibility will be a key highlight of their presentations. It resonates with an investment community increasingly conscious of not just financial returns, but also the societal value generated by their investments. Koppers leverages this depth of influence to appeal to a broad base of investors championing infrastructure sustainability and innovation.

Conclusion: Commitment to Growth and Transparency

In sum, the participation of Koppers Holdings Inc. in the upcoming Singular Research Spring Select Webinar and the B. Riley Securities Institutional Investor Conference is a strategic step in reinforcing its relationship with the investment community. Sharing their vision, performance, and strategic outlook serves to reassure investors and align them with the company’s goals.

The availability of presentation materials on the Koppers website and the accessibility of key figures like Jessica Franklin Black and Quynh McGuire for inquiries underpin the company's commitment to transparency. With a focus on sustainability, corporate governance, and an eye towards future trends, Koppers is poised to maintain its momentum, drive investor confidence, and craft a narrative that extends well beyond financial statements into the longevity and relevance of its contributions to global infrastructure.

In conclusion, Koppers Holdings Inc. looks forward to these opportunities for engagement, ready to share with the world not just what they've achieved but what they envision for the future. It's this readiness to protect what matters and preserve the future that anchors Koppers firmly in the present and steadily guides it toward new horizons.