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Join the Forefront of Biopharmaceutical Progress at Medivir AB's AGM


Lauren Miller

April 4, 2024 - 11:24 am


Medivir AB Announces Annual General Meeting

Stockholm's Biopharmaceutical Firm Calls Shareholders for Upcoming Meeting

STOCKHOLM, April 4, 2024 – Medivir AB, the renowned biopharmaceutical company based in Huddinge, Stockholm, is cordially inviting its shareholders to attend the forthcoming annual general assembly. This significant convergence is scheduled to take place on May 7, 2024, at 14.00 CEST, within the confines of Helio GT30 located at Grev Turegatan 30, Stockholm, Sweden.

Participation Options and Pre-Meeting Administration

Shareholders willing to be a part of the annual general meeting have the flexibility to either physically attend the event or partake by practising advance postal voting. These measures are in place to accommodate all shareholders, ensuring they can exercise their democratic rights irrespective of their location or circumstances.

How to Secure Attendance in Person or by Proxy

To partake in-person at the meeting, a shareholder must firstly be recorded in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB as of April 26, 2024. Secondly, notification of the intention to attend must reach Medivir AB no later than April 30, 2024. The notification can be submitted by post addressed to Medivir AB, "Annual general meeting," c/o Euroclear Sweden AB, Box 191, SE-101 23 Stockholm, or by calling +46 (0)8 402 92 37. Additionally, notifications can be submitted through the company's website at

It is essential for the shareholder to furnish details including name, residential address, contact number for the day, alongside the personal or corporate identity number. Also, the number of shares held by the shareholder must be provided as well as any information relating to representatives or assistants, if applicable.

For shareholders opting to be represented by a proxy, the company stipulates the submission of a written, dated proxy form. If the right to vote is split among different representatives, each representative must be listed along with the number of shares they are authorised to vote for. Proxy forms are accessible on the company's official website at Furthermore, if the proxy is to be exercised by a legal entity, certification of registration or other forms of authorisation should accompany the proxy form. To enable a smooth registration process at the meeting, the completed proxy form accompanied by the certificate of registration or equivalent should be received by the company no later than May 6, 2024.

Instructions for Advance Voting

Shareholders preferring to participate by casting an advance vote must adhere to the participation requirements, as delineated above. Moreover, the shareholder should convey their intention to attend no later than April 30, 2024, by submitting the advance vote so that it is received by Euroclear Sweden AB on the same day. Notably, a specialized form must be used, which can be procured from the company's webpage at This completed form can be routed to the company via email to [email protected] or by traditional postal means. Furthermore, shareholders may choose to cast their advance vote electronically through BankID verification via Euroclear Sweden AB's webpage located at Euroclear Proxy.

It is salient to note that specific instructions or conditions should not be stipulated in the voting form as it would render the vote invalid entirety. The advance voting form also contains additional instructions and conditions.

Should a shareholder opt for proxy voting, the same protocol for an in-person representation is applicable. Should an advance voter decide to attend the meeting in person or through a proxy, the advance vote will hold its relevance unless voting occurs at the event or the advance vote is expressly withdrawn.

For any inquiries or to request a postal delivery of the advance voting form, shareholders are encouraged to contact Euroclear Sweden AB on telephone +46 (0)8 402 92 37 during business hours.

Special Instructions for Nominee-Registered Shares

Shareholders with nominee-registered shares must, in addition to notifying the company of their participation, have their shares re-registered in their name to be eligible for the general meeting. This re-registration may be temporary and is known as 'voting right registration.' This process requires communication with the nominee according to their procedures and within the time frame specified by the nominee. The deadline for the nominee to complete voting right registration is no later than April 30, 2024.

Shareholders' Right to Request Information

The shareholders reserve the right to request information from the board of directors and the managing director during the general meeting, in accordance with Chapter 7, Section 32 of the Swedish Companies Act (Sw. aktiebolagslagen).

Details Regarding Shares and Votes

At the time of issuing this notice, the company possesses 112,053,218 ordinary shares, each carrying one vote. However, Medivir AB currently holds 11,413 own ordinary shares and 864,750 own class C shares, which do not entitle to vote.

Proposed Agenda

The agenda for the annual general meeting is extensive and meticulously planned. It includes:

  1. The inauguration of the meeting.
  2. Selection of the chairman of the meeting.
  3. Establishment and sanctioning of the voting list.
  4. Picking two attendees to corroborate the minutes.
  5. Ratification of the meeting’s agenda.
  6. Verifying the lawful convening of the meeting.
  7. Addressing reports from the managing director and the chairman of the board.
  8. Presenting crucial financial documents including reports from auditors.
  9. Resolutions regarding approval of the financial statements.
  10. Discussions on allocation of losses or profits as per the approved balance sheet.
  11. Resolution on absolving directors and managing director from liability.
  12. Determining the count of directors and auditors.
  13. Determining remunerations for the directors and the auditor.
  14. Election of members and the chairman of the board.

The nominations for re-election include Uli Hacksell, Lennart Hansson, Bengt Westermark, and Yilmaz Mahshid, while Angelica Loskog and Anna Törner are proposed for new election.

Angelica Loskog brings over 25 years of experience from academic drug development and is currently the CEO of Lokon Pharma. Anna Törner holds extensive expertise in pharmaceutical development, particularly in regulatory affairs. Biographies and additional information for all nominated members can be found at

  1. Selection of the auditor.
  2. Consideration of the board of directors' proposal regarding guidelines for senior executive compensation.
  3. Approval of the remuneration report.
  4. The board's proposal for authorization on new share issues.
  5. Proposal for a long-term incentive program in the form of share matching program (LTIP 2024).

The meeting will conclude with closing remarks.

For comprehensive information, shareholders are urged to review the appended documentation relevant to the meeting. The proposed nominees bring a wealth of experience and expertise, which is anticipated to significantly contribute to Medivir’s progress. The strategies put forth are meticulously devised to ensure sustained growth and shareholder value, all the while adhering to the company’s long-term goals and sustainability initiatives.

For the detailed proposal by the board of directors for LTIP 2024 and all other documentation for the annual general meeting, kindly refer to the files available for download at Cision News or visit Medivir’s website.

Medivir appreciates the shareholders' participation in governance and looks forward to discussing and deciding on the future developments at the annual general meeting.

For additional information, please contact: Medivir AB Phone: +46 (0)8 546 831 00 Email: [email protected]

Full press release is available at Cision News.

Source: Medivir AB