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Investor Notice: Legal Battle Looms as Chemours Confronts Securities Fraud Claims


Robert Tavares

May 11, 2024 - 23:15 pm


Investors Alerted: Chemours Faces Legal Reckoning over Securities Fraud Allegations

RADNOR, Pa., May 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- An important legal motion was initiated today as the renowned law practice, Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP, representing investor interests, officially filed a securities fraud class action lawsuit against The Chemours Company (NYSE: CC), a prominent chemical production company. All investors who acquired shares of Chemours during the period from February 10, 2023, to February 28, 2024, are potentially implicated in this lawsuit, underpinned by alleged deceitful financial practices during the said period.

Important Litigation Deadlines and Investment Reclamation Opportunities

Investors who procured Chemours stock within the stated class period are presented with a critical deadline: no later than May 20, 2024, they are enabled to petition the Court for appointment as lead plaintiff for the class. Such a motion could significantly implicate the conduct and direction of the entire lawsuit. Investors have been urged to take action and safeguard their rights. Participants can also learn more about joining the case by visiting Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP's case submission page for Chemours. For further details, the law firm has provided a visually informative video which can be watched by clicking here.

The Spark that Ignited the Lawsuit: Financial Impropriety and Allegations

The outset of this debacle can be traced back to just after the stock market closed on February 9, 2023. Chemours disseminated its financial earnings for the fourth quarter, along with the cumulated annual results of the preceding year. Outwardly, the corporation presented a robust financial outlook, boasting a generous generation of $447 million in Free Cash Flow for the entire year, seemingly underscoring consistent and strong fiscal performance.

The dawn of the Class Period brought the crux of the dispute as Chemours filed its Annual Report with the SEC, thereby affirming the previously announced Free Cash Flow. At this juncture, Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman and then-Chief Financial Officer Sameer Ralhan vouched for the veracity of the financial statements, including internal financial controls. However, subsequent quarterly reports, accompanied by executive reassurances, would later come under severe scrutiny.

Executive Compensation and Dubious Financial Practices

Investors' attention was specifically drawn to Chemours's internal financial operations and executive compensation benchmarks that hinge on meeting Free Cash Flow targets. These metrics, incorporated in various Annual Incentive and Long-Term Incentive Plans for senior executives, fortified the link between management remuneration and corporate financial health.

Unraveling the Truth

The first wave of skepticism reached investors on February 13, 2024, when Chemours unexpectedly deferred its fourth-quarter and annual financial reportage for 2023. The delay was attributed to additional time needed for year-end financial reporting and reevaluation of internal financial controls, particularly concerning information and communications. Subsequently, the delayed financial disclosure date was rescheduled to February 28, 2024.

This announcement triggered a significant plummet in Chemours's stock price by $3.85 per share, representing a sharp 12% drop from its previous close.

A Succession of Alarming Revelations

Further exacerbating the investors' plight, Chemours broadcasted yet another delay on February 29, 2024, this time regarding its annual report for 2023. This astonishing delay was compounded by the suspension of key executives, including the President and CEO Mark Newman, which was attributed to an ongoing internal review conducted by the Audit Committee. The internal investigation encompassed various facets like managing working capital and scrutinizing incentive plans designed to influence Chemours's non-GAAP metrics. The tremors from this announcement were severe, culminating in a harrowing 31% decrease in Chemours stock, leaving it at $19.67 per share by the close of February 29, 2024.

Post Class Period: The Audit Committee's Damning Findings

On March 6, 2024, in the aftermath of the Class Period, the Chemours Audit Committee disclosed findings that imputed senior management with deliberate actions to manipulate vendor payments and receivable collections. These strategies were aimed to achieve Free Cash Flow targets, crucial for public projection and executive bonuses. The Audit Committee further revealed that such practices also occurred at the end of 2022 but were less pronounced.

Seeking Justice: How Investors Can Take Action

For investors reeling from the alleged misconduct, a path to potential restitution has been delineated. Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP stands at the forefront, ready to champion those who wish to claim the lead plaintiff role. Providing comprehensive support, investors can either consult with the firm or other counsel of choice to discuss links to case registration and further legal options.

What Does Lead Plaintiff Status Entail?

The position of lead plaintiff carries the responsibility of representing the class in legal proceedings. It is typically occupied by the investor or a collective with the most substantial financial loss, providing direction to the litigation and selecting the legal team. Those who take on this mantle have no bearing on the ability of other investors to participate in a potential recovery.

About Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP

With a prevailing reputation in prosecuting class actions nationally and globally, Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP has achieved significant recoveries amounting to billions in compensation. With an unwavering focus on defending against fraud, negligence, and various forms of corporate misconduct, the firm maintains a steadfast dedication to securing justice for investors and others affected by such deceptions.

Additional Resources and Legal Assistance

For more insightful detail about leading the charge, or simply for those seeking to learn about Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP, please visit Contact information is also available for individual consultation with Jonathan Naji, Esq., who stands ready at the firm’s offices in Radnor, PA, to guide through legal avenues and address any reservations or queries.


In this tumultuous phase for Chemours investors, understanding one's rights and options is pivotal. With allegations suggesting that senior management's machinations significantly impacted not only executive bonuses but also the integrity of financial reporting, a storm of legal activity seems inevitable. As such, potentially affected investors must stay vigilant and responsive to the deadlines approaching, especially with the critical May 20, 2024, cut-off date looming. It is recommended that they consult with legal experts to navigate the complexities of the class action lawsuit. Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP encourages those who have endured substantial losses to make quick contact in light of these urgent proceedings.

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