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Insurance Titans Griffin and Sowell Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Advisor Services


Lauren Miller

April 4, 2024 - 11:55 am


Strategic Partnership Forges Ahead: Two Powerhouses Combine Forces

In Raleigh, North Carolina, April 4, 2024, an exciting strategic partnership emerges as Griffin Distribution Partners, an esteemed Brokerage General Agency renowned for their extensive protection-based products, announces an alliance with the distinguished Registered Investment Advisor firm, Sowell Management and its insurance division, Sowell Insurance Services. This monumental collaboration is set to revolutionize the landscape of insurance solutions for advisors associated with Sowell Management, offering them exclusive access to Griffin's diverse portfolio of premium life insurance products, long-term care, disability solutions, and annuity products, all bolstered by a dedication to bespoke solutions and stellar client services.

Sean Shea, President of Griffin Distribution Partners, is buoyant about the initiation of this partnership, seeing in it a seamless convergence of both companies' philosophies centered around the client. He articulates, "At the heart of our partnership with Sowell Management is the drive to provide personalized guidance to advisors, thereby ensuring the financial safeguarding of their clients is second to none. We stand ready and excited to integrate our in-depth proficiency in sophisticated case design, the nuances of underwriting and the tailoring of products to elevate Sowell's advisors and ultimately, the quality of service their clients receive."

The prowess of Griffin Distribution Partners shines in their adept delivery of specialty insurance offerings and services, forging close-knit relationships with advisors to bestow secure, upscale asset protection stratagems upon their clients. Griffin stands out as a relationship-oriented BGA, supporting advisors at every turn in the insurance journey. Their process involves assisting in discerning and engineering tailor-made insurance solutions that exemplify their knack for facilitating advanced underwriting and expedited processing for streamlined, client-friendly experiences. Notably, Griffin supplies educational materials, resources, and steadfast support to ensure advisors and clients are making well-informed insurance decisions.

Meanwhile, Sowell Management prioritizes the cultivation of client relationships as the cornerstone for growth, endorsing the delegation of complex tasks to experts. Gracefully integrated into this philosophy, Griffin Distribution Partners with their consultative style and relationship-driven focus, perfectly mirrors Sowell's organizational ethos.

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In the vast landscape of insurance marketing, Griffin has astutely aligned with LIBRA Insurance Partners, the largest independently owned life insurance marketing entity in the States. This partnership capitalizes on the extensive network of both Griffin and LIBRA, equipping Sowell advisors with access to an ample range of carriers and reinsurers, thereby optimizing operational efficiencies and bolstering technological prowess.

Eagle-eyed regarding the prospect of regulatory amendments, Shea adds an insightful comment, "With coming alterations in estate planning laws on the horizon, Griffin is well-prepared to guide our partners and their clientele through the changes with unparalleled support and expertise."

This partnership is more than just a mere extension of services—it propels the offerings of Sowell advisors to a new pinnacle, enriching the advice provided to clients with additional and robust support from the backend. Collaborating with Griffin enables Sowell Management to infuse a novel dimension into advisor-client interactions, greatly enhancing their collective service propositions.

This alliance marks a significant milestone in Griffin’s vision to broaden its reach through strategic partnerships, like that with Sowell Management. This particular merger promises to enrich the realm of advisory services with profound insurance acumen and a suite of powerful support tools.

About Griffin Distribution Partners

Griffin Distribution Partners stands as a paragon of a relationship-driven Brokerage General Agency (BGA), dispensing a slew of protection-based offerings, encompassing life insurance, long-term care (LTC), disability coverages, and fixed annuities. The firm’s foundation rests on the aspirations of founding partners Sean Shea, LUTCF®, CLTC® and Frank Johnson, CFP®, CLU®, CLTC®, who envisioned a firm rooted in deep connections and unparalleled value provided to a select ensemble of planning-focused advisors.

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About Sowell Management

Sowell Management prides itself as a privately held Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, holding a reputation as a steadfast companion to financial advisors. Garnering accolades as a top 100 RIA by esteemed publications like Forbes and Barron's, Sowell arose in 2001 with firm principles in fee-based fiduciary investing. Their platform spans various services and solutions, tailoring to the unique needs of advisors seeking independent paths with comprehensive technology and portfolio management offerings. With a sprawling nationwide client base, Sowell boasts an impressive $4.9 billion in assets under management and advisement (AUM/AUA) as of March 2024. They stand dedicated to aiding advisors in every step of their professional journey.

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Source: Griffin Distribution Partners

In conclusion, the partnership represents a significant leap forward for Griffin Distribution Partners and Sowell Management. Their unified vision to provide comprehensive insurance solutions speaks to a future where advisors are better equipped, clients more protected, and businesses like these continue to grow through a shared commitment to excellence. As Sean Shea aptly puts it, together, they empower advisors with enhanced insurance solutions, ensuring that the partnership not only benefits their immediate circles but sets a precedent in the industry for client-focused innovation and dynamic collaborations.

While the structured partnership effectively bonds the expertise of Griffin Distribution Partners with the advisor-centric model of Sowell Management, it is poised to catalyze a broader impact within the financial advisory domain. The amalgam of Griffin's specialized insurance products and Sowell's focus on advisor independence ushers in a new era of client service marked by robust financial protection strategies, cutting-edge advising tools, and a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties involved.

As such partnerships continue to mold the contours of the advisory and insurance industries, the emphasis on streamlined services, client-centric approaches, and technological advancements will remain at the forefront. The strategic alliance between Griffin Distribution Partners and Sowell Management epitomizes these values and heralds an optimistic future where collaborative endeavors foster growth, innovation, and ultimately, client success. This, among other effects, will likely resonate across the financial sector, encouraging similar alliances and the continuous refinement of advisory services across the board.

Griffin and Sowell's commitment to excellence and visionary leadership reflects the kind of forward-thinking that sets industry benchmarks. Their alliance is a strong testament to the power of shared goals and the invaluable impact of synergistic relationships. Clients and advisors alike can look forward to enhanced service levels, innovative financial products, and the assurance that comes with the support of a partnership built on the foundation of mutual respect, expertise, and determination to lead the way in the insurance advisory landscape.

The Griffin-Sowell partnership exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic collaborations, not only within the realm of insurance and investment advising but as a model for other sectors to emulate. As institutions build upon each other's strengths and strive for combined excellence, it is the end user—the client—who reaps the rewards of more comprehensive services, more innovative solutions, and ultimately, a more secure financial future.

As the partnership between Griffin Distribution Partners and Sowell Management takes shape and begins to influence the marketplace, it is assured that the ripple effects will be felt far beyond their initial integration. The shared mission and vision serve as a beacon that guides the industry towards an even more client-focused, service-oriented, and growth-centric future—one where partnerships like this not only thrive but become the driving force for broader evolutionary strides in the advisory and insurance sectors.

By embracing the winds of change and aligning themselves with progression and adaptability, Griffin and Sowell showcase the pivotal role that strategic partnerships can play in offering elevated levels of service and expertise in the world of financial advising. The enhanced support, advanced technological capabilities, and the rich array of insurance products and services that this partnership represents are a definitive stride toward the future—one where financial protection and client satisfaction take precedence in an ever-evolving industry.

In a rapidly changing industry landscape, Griffin Distribution Partners and Sowell Management stand ready to face the future together, armed with robust resources, a shared philosophy, and a commitment to exceptional service. This partnership is just the beginning of a promising journey—one that will undoubtedly set new standards and inspire a wave of collaborative efforts aimed at uplifting and transforming the financial advisory landscape for years to come.

Moving forward, advisors linked with Sowell Management can anticipate a suite of benefits ranging from expert guidance from Griffin’s seasoned professionals, access to an extensive product catalog, and a simplified process that enhances the advisor-client relationship. The cohesion and complementary strengths presented by this partnership are a harbinger of success, reinforcing the idea that when like-minded entities unite, the possibilities and advancements for the industry and its clients are limitless.

The announcement of this strategic partnership between Griffin Distribution Partners and Sowell Management is not just news—it's a statement of direction for the future of insurance and financial advising. It stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to the highest standards of client service, carving a path forward for others in the industry to follow as they strive for excellence in an increasingly complex and demanding marketplace.