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Industry Pioneer Lloyd W. 'Billy' Helms, Jr. to Retire from EOG Resources


Michael Chen

April 2, 2024 - 20:15 pm


Veteran Executive of EOG Resources, Lloyd W. "Billy" Helms, Jr., Announces Retirement

In an announcement that marks the end of an era for one of the United States' foremost energy companies, EOG Resources, Inc., headquartered in Houston, revealed the upcoming retirement of their esteemed President Lloyd W. "Billy" Helms, Jr. Scheduled to step down on May 31, 2024, the departure of Mr. Helms draws a close to a remarkable career that has spanned over four decades.

A Storied Career at EOG

Lloyd W. "Billy" Helms began his career with an EOG predecessor company in 1981, embarking on a journey that would see him fill an array of roles within the organization, ultimately shaping the trajectory of EOG Resources. His tenure saw him climb the ranks, offering his expertise in various departments and divisions which proved crucial to the company’s growth.

Helms's influence began to significantly mark the Houston-based executive management team in 2012 when he became the Executive Vice President of Exploration and Production. In this capacity, he oversaw EOG's assorted divisions, coordinating operations while also steering the company's Engineering, Acquisitions, and Business Development functions. His leadership acumen was further recognized when he was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2017, a role he excelled in until 2023 before becoming the company's President in 2021.

The Innovation Leader

"Billy has been a sterling figurehead in driving innovation to incessantly elevate company standards throughout his tenure spanning more than 40 years with EOG," commented Ezra Y. Yacob, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EOG Resources. Yacob extolled Helms's encouragement of an innovative corporate culture, where employees are emboldened to explore creative solutions and cutting-edge ideas. Helms's encouragement of leveraging in-field technology, information technology, and new processes has been instrumental in drilling wells that are not only cost-effective but also safer and more environmentally friendly.

The company highlighted their immense gratitude for Helms's commitment and effort in reinforcing a corporate ethos underscored by continual enhancement. His impending retirement will see him transitioning to the next chapter alongside his wife, with the best wishes of the entire EOG team accompanying them.

About EOG Resources, Inc.

EOG Resources, Inc., trading under the stock symbol EOG on the New York Stock Exchange, stands as one of the United States’ largest independent (non-integrated) crude oil and natural gas companies. EOG has established an impressive portfolio of proved reserves in the United States and Trinidad, showcasing their prowess in the exploration and production sector. Further information about their operations and achievements can be accessed through their website at EOG Resources, Inc..

Investor Relations and Contact Information

Keeping stakeholders informed and ensuring transparent communication is pivotal for EOG Resources Inc., and this is embodied in the access provided to the company's investor contacts. Pearce Hammond, Neel Panchal, and Shelby O'Connor are the dedicated individuals on point to bridge communication between EOG and interested parties, providing their expertise and support. Those wishing to reach out to the Investor Relations team can contact Pearce Hammond at 713-571-4684, Neel Panchal at 713-571-4884, or Shelby O'Connor at 713-571-4560.

Media Engagement and Inquiries

The media are a crucial link between EOG Resources, Inc., and the public, disseminating company news and updates to a broad audience. To streamline this interaction, a Media Contact is available to field inquiries and facilitate this exchange of information. Journalists and media professionals seeking to connect with the company can reach out to Kimberly Ehmer at 713-571-4676 for more information. It’s through these channels that EOG ensures its milestones, innovations, and corporate developments are communicated effectively to its audience.

In bidding farewell to Lloyd W. "Billy" Helms, EOG Resources not only turns a page in its corporate history but also celebrates a legacy that has significantly shaped its corporate identity. His leadership saw pivotal advancements in how the company explored and developed energy resources, maintaining a steadfast focus on efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship. The strategy of innovation and improvement adopted under Helms's guidance promises to continue as a cornerstone of EOG's corporate philosophy well into the future.

EOG Resources remains committed to maintaining the standard of excellence that Billy Helms championed throughout his time with the company. As the energy sector continues to evolve, facing new challenges and opportunities, the imprint of Helms's leadership will undoubtedly influence the company's strategic direction. EOG's acknowledgment of his contributions thus serves as a tribute to the very principles that have guided the company towards its status as an industry leader.

The announcement of Billy Helms's retirement is also a poignant reminder of the personal journeys that unfold within the larger corporate narrative. Starting from his early days in 1981, Helms's progression through the ranks of EOG's predecessor company to his final role as President paints a portrait of a career marked by dedication, foresight, and the pursuit of excellence. His personal and professional life now takes a new direction as he prepares to explore life beyond the realms of the corporate world.

As EOG Resources moves forward, the search for a successor capable of carrying on the mantle of innovation and leadership left by Billy Helms becomes paramount. The company's robust position in the energy marketplace is a testament to the firm foundation laid by its leaders, and its continued prosperity will hinge upon the chosen individual's ability to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of the oil and gas industry.

The energy sector, particularly in the realms of exploration and production, is defined by its dynamism and rapid advancements. Leaders like Billy Helms have exemplified the kind of vision and adaptability required to thrive in such an environment. With his retirement announcement comes the end of an extensive chapter for EOG Resources, yet it also heralds the advent of new strategies, perspectives, and leadership that will steer the company forward.

One of the notable aspects of Helms's leadership tenure was his commitment to fostering an environment where employees could take ownership of their ideas and see them come to fruition. This legacy of empowerment is likely to remain a signature of the company's culture, influencing how future projects are managed and how innovation is nurtured within the teams at EOG Resources.

With environmental considerations becoming increasingly important in the oil and gas sector, Billy Helms’s approach to harnessing technology for safer, cleaner, and more efficient operations stands as a guiding beacon for the company's future endeavors. His recognition of the need for sustainable practices within the industry has set in motion a wave of initiatives aimed at reducing emissions and enhancing the safety of EOG's operations.

The future of EOG Resources, against the backdrop of Billy Helms's retirement, will continue to reflect the corporate values and strategies that have been instrumental throughout his tenure. As EOG navigates the opportunities and challenges of the future, Helms's influence will persist in the high standards he set, the innovative culture he fostered, and the vision he executed with the full support of the executive team.

The ripples of Billy Helms's leadership transcend EOG Resources to inspire the industry at large. His blueprint for excellence in operations, commitment to innovation, and fostering a responsive and responsible corporate culture sketch a path for others to emulate. As an elder statesman of the energy sector, Helms will be remembered not only for his achievements at EOG Resources but also for his broader contributions to the field.

EOG Resources, Inc. stands on the cusp of a new chapter as it prepares to bid farewell to a leader who has been nothing short of transformative. As the company acknowledges his retirement, the ethos of continuous improvement instilled by Billy Helms will no doubt continue to resonate within its operations. The entire EOG team takes this moment to celebrate his career and to extend their profound appreciation for his immeasurable contributions.

Mr. Helms's legacy is a composite of the many decisions, innovations, and strategies he has helmed throughout his career. As he steps away from his role at EOG Resources, the industry watches with respect and anticipation to see how the company will uphold the standards of innovation and leadership that have become its hallmark under his guidance.

For additional details on EOG Resources, Inc., readers and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the company's official website, where they can find comprehensive information about their operations, strategic direction, and the latest news. EOG Resources, Inc. continues its journey into the future of energy, forever marked by the lasting impact of Lloyd W. "Billy" Helms, Jr.'s extraordinary career and visionary leadership.