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FullCare Medical Launches $30M Advanced Medical Garment Hub in Kenya's Tatu City


Lauren Miller

March 29, 2024 - 18:47 pm


FullCare Medical Unveils a $30 Million State-of-the-Art Medical Garment Facility in Tatu City, Kenya

TATU CITY, Kenya, March 29, 2024 – FullCare Medical, a visionary healthcare manufacturer, has opened the doors to its latest cutting-edge medical garment production facility. The $30 million complex is located in Tatu City, the expansive 5,000-hectare mixed-use Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that Kenya proudly boasts. FullCare Medical’s facility represents a fusion of investment and employment, effectively engaging 1,800 Kenyans from the outset. As the company’s ambitions reach further horizons, there are plans to increase this number to an incredible 7,000 Kenyan workers in the subsequent phases of the facility’s evolution.

FullCare's new medical garment facility at Tatu City

The inaugural ribbon-cutting ceremony was particularly notable, graced by dignitaries including Mr. Zhang Yijun, the China Embassy Minister Counsellor; Lu Jianguo, the trail-blazing Founder of FullCare Medical; and Stephen Jennings, the Rendeavour Founder & CEO. The participation of such esteemed guests underscores the importance of this venture, not only to Tatu City but to Kenya and the international business community.

Transformative Collaborations Boost Local and Global Markets

"Kenya and Tatu City's Special Economic Zone are exceptional for our investment due to our belief in transformative collaborations. This state-of-the-art facility, employing the latest in solar technology for sustainable production, will be instrumental in exporting medical supplies valued at 60 million US dollars annually while concurrently catering to the local market's needs," remarked Lu Jianguo, the entrepreneurial spirit at the helm of FullCare Medical.

Stephen Jennings spoke to confirm Tatu City’s reputation as a magnetic hub for foreign direct investment, remarking: "Tatu City is Kenya's premier mixed-use SEZ, already drawing $2.5 billion in investment from over 78 companies, many of which are leaders in sectors ranging from healthcare to food and beverage production, call centers, and software development. These investments are creating thousands of much-needed job opportunities for the Kenyan people."

In a testament to the strong bilateral relationship fostered between China and Kenya, Zhang Yijun lauded FullCare Medical as a "symbol of friendship in our shared pursuit of progress."

Empowerment Through Investment: The Role of International Financing

With a substantial financing boost of $100 million from the International Finance Corporation, the investment arm of the World Bank, FullCare Medical’s expansion within Africa is set on solid financial ground. This facility is one of the most significant foreign direct investments in Kenya in recent years, setting a benchmark for dynamic Chinese enterprises operating on the African continent.

An exciting array of more than 78 local, regional, and global corporations have established operations within the business-friendly precincts of Tatu City or are in stages of development. This list includes notable entities such as CCI Global, Heineken, Dormans, Copia, Cooper K-Brands, Grit Real Estate Income Group, Twiga Foods, Freight Forwarders Solutions, ADvTECH, Friendship Group, and Davis & Shirtliff.

Corporations positioning themselves in Tatu City’s SEZ enjoy a bouquet of incentives, such as exemptions from value-added tax, import and stamp duties, and a reduced corporate tax rate—10% for the first ten years, followed by 15% for the subsequent ten.

FullCare Medical: Pioneering Healthcare Solutions Across Continents

FullCare Medical's presence in Kenya extends for over two decades, marked by its globally recognized, award-winning, high-quality medical care, and protective gear production and distribution. Positioned in the heart of Tatu City’s SEZ, FullCare Medical’s modern production site is primed to serve Africa, Europe, and the United States, with over 1,800 jobs pledged in the initial phase.

Tatu City: A Vision of Liveability and Prosperity

Tatu City exemplifies a vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem just outside Nairobi’s doorstep, offering housing, schools, shopping centers, a medical clinic, natural areas, and recreational opportunities to over 250,000 residents and countless daily visitors. With thousands of young minds attending Tatu City schools, diverse residential options for every income level, and the growth facilitated by over 78 companies, it signifies Kenya's first SEZ’s triumph in growth and development. Approximately a 30-minute ride from Westlands, Tatu City is consciously designed for life unhindered by the congestion and the inefficiencies of distant commutes.

Poised as a project by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest urban land developer, Tatu City stands alongside other significant projects across the continent in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, covering a grand 30,000 hectares with a vision of scaling growth.

For further information about Tatu City and its transformative influence within Kenya and beyond, the curious and the motivated can visit the city’s website at Tatu City Official Website.

Tatu City

The emergence of FullCare Medical’s facility in Tatu City is a significant marker on the roadmap of Kenya’s economic and social development. By joining forces with both local and international allies, FullCare Medical is demonstrating the power of investment, technology, and job creation in fostering progress within Kenya and providing a template for success that can be replicated elsewhere in Africa and across the globe.

The grand opening of FullCare Medical’s facility is much more than a ceremonial event—it illustrates the shared vision and commitment of Kenya, China, and internationally allied nations to nurture industries that not only contribute to the global market but also bolster the social and economic framework of the host nation. As the facility begins its operations, a new chapter in the history of Kenya's industrial sector unfolds—one that promises progress, sustainability, and a testament to the human spirit's ingenuity.

Tatu City stands as a shining example of new urban developments in Africa, with a model that breaks from traditional city concepts. Focused on integrating living, working, and recreational spaces amidst a backdrop of technological innovation, Tatu City is more than a cluster of investments—it's a blueprint for future cities in Africa and a beacon for economic growth, community development, and environmental stewardship.

The partnership between FullCare Medical and Tatu City is not only redefining the landscape of the local economy but also setting new standards within the health care industry. With a direct link to increased export potential and the provision of high-quality medical products, FullCare Medical is poised to become a central player in the global health sector while contributing robustly to Kenya’s national output and international trade dynamics.

Looking ahead, the synergy of sustainable infrastructure, comprehensive financial support, and strategic economic policies promises a robust future for FullCare Medical and Tatu City. Innovations like this galvanize industrial development, uplift societies, and reinforce the ties that bind communities—in Africa and globally. It's a testament to what can be accomplished when vision meets opportunity, and when a collective effort is put forth to design a future where business success and social upliftment walk hand in hand.

FullCare Medical’s newly inaugurated facility is expected to become a cornerstone of health care manufacturing in Africa, with prospects to broaden its impact through expansions, capacity-building, and continuous technological advancements. As FullCare plants its roots deeper into Kenyan soil, its growth will undoubtedly mirror the flourishing environment that Tatu City and its responsible stakeholders have meticulously cultivated.

The social and economic dividends of such ventures reach far beyond shareholders and business statistics. The creation of jobs, the strengthening of local economies, the enhancement of skillsets, and the elevation of quality standards across the medical supply chain are just a few examples of how FullCare Medical’s initiative can drive lasting, positive change. This, in partnership with Tatu City, showcases the true value of forward-thinking developments that can radiate benefits across a nation and its people.

As FullCare Medical carves its niche in the medical manufacturing industry and Tatu City expands its urban blueprint, the eyes of the world—or at least those who look to the future with optimism—will be watching. With every stitch sewn in the new facility, and each strategic step taken in Tatu City’s growth, a narrative of innovation and progress is being woven into the very fabric of Kenya’s burgeoning economy. This is a story not just of collaboration but of shared dreams becoming a tangible reality for all who live, work, and thrive within Tatu City’s vibrant borders.

In conclusion, the remarkable journey from conception to realization for FullCare Medical’s production site illuminates the endless possibilities that dedicated collaboration can unlock. It is a narrative that resonates within the hearts of Kenyans and exemplifies the extraordinary outcomes of shared goals and international partnerships. As FullCare Medical and Tatu City propel forward, their legacy will be defined by the lives they touch, the communities they transform, and the indelible mark they leave on Kenya's economic and cultural landscape.

FullCare Medical’s New Production Facility