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cornerstone advisors ushers in bold leadership with ceo steve williams 3


Cornerstone Advisors Ushers in Bold Leadership with CEO Steve Williams


Lauren Miller

May 17, 2024 - 12:53 pm


Cornerstone Advisors Welcomes New Era of Leadership with CEO Steve Williams

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cornerstone Advisors, a premier management and technology consultancy dedicated to serving banks, credit unions, and fintech firms, proudly announced the appointment of Steve Williams as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Williams, who has been widely recognized for his robust leadership as the company's president, steps into the role succeeding Scott Sommer. Sommer, who co-founded Cornerstone alongside Williams and others in 2002, transitions to the position of board chairman, where he will steer the company's mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy.

Steve Williams, CEO | Cornerstone Advisors Steve Williams, CEO | Cornerstone Advisors

As the company's CEO, Sommer propelled Cornerstone Advisors from a modest beginning with eight professionals to a distinguished consultancy of over 200 experts. His strategic insights have been instrumental in the organization's growth, including the successful acquisition of six companies. As the new chairman, Sommer will continue to lead the firm’s strategic M&A efforts, oversee long-term strategy, and remain involved in the governance of Cornerstone.

"We embarked on a journey in 2002 with the ambition of establishing the nation's most esteemed advisory firm for midsize banks and credit unions," remarked Sommer. "It's a point of pride that many of our original clients continue to place their trust in us today. This exceptional team of professionals has brought a profound level of expertise and knowledge across myriad banking disciplines to our firm. I hold deep confidence in Steve Williams to navigate our company into the future."

Paving the Future with Experience: Steve Williams at the Helm

Scott Sommer, Board Chairman | Cornerstone Advisors Scott Sommer, Board Chairman | Cornerstone Advisors

Embracing his new role as CEO, Williams is poised to continue guiding the firm's expansion and pioneering thought leadership initiatives. He will maintain an active role in providing Cornerstone's unique services which include strategy, contract negotiation, performance transformation, and merger integration. In his new capacity, Williams is committed to fostering the firm’s renowned reputation as trusted advisors to the financial industry.

"Serving as trusted advisors to banks, credit unions, and fintech firms has been our central mission for over twenty years," observed Williams. "Since the inception of our firm, we've observed and adapted to considerable changes such as the average bank size escalating from around $800 million to over $5 billion. We have witnessed the banking industry's consolidation and evolution into a technologically driven sector, contending with a plethora of competitors while managing growing regulatory pressures. Together, Scott and I will lead Cornerstone's ongoing development, ensuring we continue to offer unrivaled advisory services that resonate with the changing dynamics of the banking sector."

Cornerstone Advisors: A Legacy of Invaluable Insights and Strategies

For more than two decades, Cornerstone Advisors has stood at the forefront of providing gritty insights, bold strategies, and data-driven solutions to forge smarter banks, credit unions, and fintechs. The company boasts a rich heritage of expertise coupled with proprietary data which is utilized in a myriad of services, such as technology system selection and implementation, contract negotiations, performance improvement, vendor management, strategic planning, and merger and acquisition services. Cornerstone's commitment to excellence ensures that financial institutions can thrive even in the face of today's challenging economic climate.

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In conclusion, the transition of leadership marks an exciting new chapter for Cornerstone Advisors. With seasoned visionaries like Steve Williams and Scott Sommer at the helm, the firm is well-positioned to continue its journey as a dynamic force in the advisory domain. As financial institutions navigate a complex and ever-evolving landscape, the sage counsel and innovative services provided by Cornerstone are more vital than ever. By leveraging their extensive experience and understanding of the financial sector, Williams and Sommer are set to lead Cornerstone Advisors to new heights of success and influence, fostering resilience and growth for their clients' businesses.

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