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CCBank's Game-Changing Acquisition of Security Home Mortgage to Innovate Financial Ecosystem


Lauren Miller

May 3, 2024 - 22:16 pm


Milestone Merger: CCBank Acquires Security Home Mortgage to Bolster Financial Service Offerings

PROVO, Utah, May 3, 2024 -- In an industry-defining move, Capital Community Bank (CCBank), a prominent figure in Utah's community banking sector, has announced the successful acquisition of Security Home Mortgage (SHM). Since its establishment in 1999, Security Home Mortgage has earned a reputation for its exceptional home mortgage solutions. This strategic alliance marks a pivotal moment in the expansion plans of CCBank, broadening its portfolio of financial offerings and reinforcing its commitment to enhancing the financial well-being of the communities it has pledged to serve. As a result of this transaction, SHM will continue its operations as an independent subsidiary under the CCBank umbrella.

A Union of Vision and Service: Elevating Customer Experience through Comprehensive Financial Solutions

The acquisition of SHM represents a concrete manifestation of CCBank's strategic foresight to converge a full spectrum of financial products tailored to the changing requirements of its customer base and the broader community. The melding of SHM's specialized home mortgage proficiency with CCBank's established banking solutions heralds the dawn of a new era for financial services in the region. Customers stand to benefit immensely from this consolidation, anticipating a centralized, locally-owned financial hub that promises unrivaled convenience and superlative service.

Matt Field, President & CFO of CCBank, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger: "Today signifies a landmark occasion where two venerable Utah enterprises unite to elevate our service delivery in the financial services domain. Both CCBank and Security Home Mortgage are robust, well-anchored Utah institutions, and this collaborative venture will empower us to bolster our market presence, ensuring that we continue offering top-tier financial products, services, and home mortgages to our valued clients—our friends, our families, and our neighbors who entrust us with their fiscal health."

This business convergence brings together a collective vision of CCBank and SHM to equip individuals and businesses with the means to achieve their financial aspirations while fostering economic advancement and augmenting the prosperity of the communities they serve. Poised for a greater impact, the two entities will not only provide increased financial stability and support to their clientele but will also embark on joint ventures to explore and deploy new offerings.

Looking toward the future, Jon Chamberlain, President of SHM, stated: "The horizon is ripe with possibilities springing from this acquisition. Our focus is firmly on harnessing the synergistic strengths of CCBank and SHM to drive innovation and elevate the quality of our offerings. Our aim is to stay ahead of the curve in both the banking and mortgage sectors to cater to the multifaceted needs of our customers, associates, and personnel."

Commitment to Seamless Service and Operational Excellence Post-Merger

As CCBank and SHM fuse their business operations, an overriding commitment ensures that customers benefit from an uninterrupted stream of exceptional service. In the wake of this merger, patrons of SHM will find themselves with access to a more extensive array of CCBank's commercial and personal lending products in addition to deposit services.

"This transition will not disrupt any stakeholder involved, and we anticipate no adverse effects on SHM's customers or staff. SHM's foundations will remain intact, and we are excited to welcome all SHM personnel into the CCBank family. Jon Chamberlain and Charlie Green will continue spearheading SHM, with Chamberlain retaining his presidency," explained Field.

An Introduction to a Community Pillar: Capital Community Bank

Incepted in 1993, CCBank is a bedrock in community-focused finance, boasting branch offices across Utah cities such as Salem, Provo, Orem, Pleasant Grove, Sandy, and St. George. The bank has built its reputation on its unfaltering commitment to the financial and societal welfare of Utah communities, coupling industry-leading rates and personalized services with cutting-edge financial technologies and local decision-making. The conclusion of 2023 saw the bank command approximately $871 million in total assets and $127 million in equity capital. As an institution dedicated to fair housing practices and a member of the FDIC, CCBank continues to pave the way for community banking. Discover more about CCBank at

About Security Home Mortgage: A Legacy of Dependability

Founded by Jon Chamberlain in 1999, Security Home Mortgage has built a name for itself as a reliable mortgage lender, attentively responding to the unique requirements of each client. The lion's share of the company's business hails from repeat customers or referrals, a resounding endorsement of the credibility and confidence that SHM instills with every transaction. As a homegrown entity, SHM showcases over 90 mortgage lending virtuosos and leverages top-tier technological solutions in the industry. From the initial steps of pre-qualification to the final junctures of application and closing, SHM ensures an internally managed, efficient, and expeditious journey for each customer. Learn more about SHM at

For additional information, the following contact details are provided:

Lee Lamb, Vice President of Marketing & Brand, can be reached via cell at (801) 330-1192 or by email at [email protected]

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Nurturing Local Economies through Strategic Growth

The underpinning motivation for this acquisition is not merely the expansion of services but also the nurturing of local economies. By offering an integrated approach to lending and banking solutions, CCBank and SHM demonstrate an unparalleled dedication to the concept of community banking. It's this commitment that serves as the heartbeat of their corporate mission and the focal point of this historic merger. They are not just creating a financial institution; they are fostering a financial ecosystem that supports and grows with the communities it inhabits.

The Path Forward: An Aligned Journey of Success

Chamberlain and Field, the leading figures at the helm of SHM and CCBank respectively, share a forward-thinking approach to navigating the business landscape. With the merger, the two leaders are set to embark on a journey marked by an alignment of corporate vision, mutual respect, and a commitment to excellence that is certain to reshape the financial service landscape in Utah for years to come.

In conclusion, this strategic acquisition signals a new chapter for both CCBank and Security Home Mortgage. It’s a partnership built upon a bedrock of trust and a shared ambition to exceed customer expectations while fostering community growth. As these two entities blend their legacies of service and innovation, they carve out a new path forward that will not only empower their customers but anchor their position as leaders in the financial realm for generations to follow.