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blueprint bolsters capital markets expertise with kristen ahrens hire 3


Blueprint Bolsters Capital Markets Expertise with Kristen Ahrens Hire


Robert Tavares

April 3, 2024 - 16:55 pm


Blueprint Healthcare Enriches Team with a Strategic Senior Hire

CHICAGO, April 3, 2024 – Blueprint, a renowned consulting firm in the healthcare property sector, has recently disclosed the appointment of Kristen Ahrens as their new Senior Managing Director of Capital Markets. Ahrens is bringing her comprehensive background in healthcare real estate finance to the table, a move that is anticipated to bolster Blueprint's efforts in procuring debt solutions for its clientele.

Kristen Ahrens joins Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors (“Blueprint”) as Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets Kristen Ahrens joins Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors (“Blueprint”) as Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets

A Record-Breaking Year Leads to Strategic Expansion

Blueprint embarks on this strategic recruitment following their unprecedented success in 2023. They view Ahrens' entry as a catalyst in broadening their spectrum of services. The endgame is to transform Blueprint's present operations into a comprehensive capital markets framework, catering to an extensive range of client requirements.

Ahrens: A Seasoned Veteran in Healthcare Real Estate

With her experience spanning over twenty years, Ahrens has left a significant imprint across various respected firms within the healthcare real estate arena. She has had an illustrious career focusing on aspects of debt originations and strategic structuring, pursuing new business opportunities, diving into the depths of capital markets, and meticulously handling asset management.

Responsibilities and Expectations at Blueprint

In her new capacity, Ahrens will spearhead the debt sourcing operations for seniors housing entrepreneurs. She will explore and develop ingenious funding solutions while simultaneously nurturing and overseeing partnerships with creditors and investors. This strategic move is designed to enhance Blueprint's deal execution, emphasizing their pledge to deliver exceptional advisory services and wide-ranging capital solutions to healthcare real estate operators and investors.

Leadership Outlook and Team Synergy

Ben Firestone, CEO of Blueprint, expresses immense satisfaction with Ahrens' induction into the team. "I have always held Kristen’s industry contributions in high regard,” he states, “and we are confident that her in-depth understanding and her meritorious track record within the healthcare real estate sector is a prized addition to our company. We foresee her leadership playing an integral role as we forge ahead with enhancing our capital markets division and driving extraordinary value for our clients."

Echoing Firestone's sentiments, Kristen herself shared, "Joining an organization as vibrant and progressive as Blueprint is indeed exhilarating. The firm's well-deserved status in the healthcare real estate market is something I esteem, and I eagerly anticipate playing my part in furthering the company's triumphs while supporting our clients in realizing their financial ambitions."

For more information or to reach out to Ms. Ahrens with queries, she is available directly via [email protected]. For media-related questions, please contact [email protected].

Blueprint's Pioneering Journey Since 2013

Established in Chicago in 2013, Blueprint commenced its journey with a vision to redefine the landscape of healthcare real estate brokerage by fostering collaboration and strengthening its commitment to data analysis. Today, the company stands tall as the foremost active advisor within the seniors housing and healthcare spheres. Celebrated for executing more than 700 deals, with a staggering total value at approximately $12 billion, Blueprint's successful model seamlessly merges comprehensive market outreach with unmatched analytical expertise. The company's know-how is particularly profound within skilled nursing, seniors housing, medical office spaces, behavioral healthcare, and capital markets.

Media Contact: Eileen Gehring You can reach out to Eileen Gehring for media-related queries and communications via [email protected].

This pioneering journey of Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors is steeped in a culture of innovation and a drive to provide unparalleled client experiences. With the addition of Kristen Ahrens to their powerhouse, Blueprint is well on its way to setting new benchmarks in the healthcare real estate sector. Her expertise, coupled with the firm's ingenuity and market understanding, ensures a bright and prosperous future for Blueprint and its esteemed clientele.

SOURCE: Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors

In the wake of this significant personnel enhancement, Blueprint envisages a seamless integration of Ahrens' expertise into their existing framework, fostering a new era of strategic growth and client-driven success. This strategic appointment not only signifies Blueprint's commitment to diversifying their service portfolio but also highlights their dedication to sourcing impactful financing structures tailored to the unique demands of healthcare real estate ventures.

Concluding Thoughts and the Road Ahead

As Kristen Ahrens dons her new role, the focus shifts to synchronizing her strategic vision with Blueprint's overarching goals. It is also a reaffirmation of Blueprint's promise to elevate the standards of advice dispensed within the sector, ensuring that every transaction and every partnership is anchored in expertise and strategic insight.

The coming year holds vast potential for Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors, as they continue to carve out a niche for themselves in an ever-evolving industry. With a solid team at the helm, guided by the experience of professionals like Kristen Ahrens, Blueprint is sculpting a future where innovation, integrity, and client success are not just ideals but benchmarks for their perpetual growth.

Growing in an industry as dynamic as healthcare real estate requires a forward-thinking mindset and the ability to adapt to changing market paradigms. The strategic inclusion of Kristen Ahrens as Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets is a testament to Blueprint's unwavering pursuit of these ideals. Through this partnership, Blueprint connects its innovative energy with the seasoned expertise of a venerable industry player, ensuring that their legacy of delivering excellence continues unabated.

The healthcare real estate sector is likely to witness the reverberations of this impactful collaboration. As Blueprint forges ahead with its vision, industry observers and clients alike will be watching closely, expecting yet another year of record-breaking achievements and high-value transactions that reinforce Blueprint's position as an industry vanguard.

In summary, the appointment of Kristen Ahrens is yet another bold stride for Blueprint, encapsulating their resolve to not just participate but to lead, innovate and redefine what it means to be an advisor in healthcare real estate. The synergy between company ethics and individual acumen paves the way for a promising horizon teeming with opportunities to push the envelope further.

Blueprint's rigorous expansion plans, marked by such adroit additions to its team, delineate the company's trajectory towards becoming an unmatched full-service capital markets platform. The year 2024 may well be recorded in Blueprint's annals as a pinnacle year, with its ripples felt across the domains of healthcare real estate.

To follow Blueprint's journey and stay updated on their endeavors in the healthcare real estate sector or to delve deeper into engaging with their expertise, visit Blueprint's website at for comprehensive insights into their services, transactions, and market analyses.

The future promises growth and innovative breakthroughs, and with Kristen Ahrens as part of the Blueprint family, both past records and future targets are in sight. As Blueprint continues to redefine industry benchmarks, their trajectory is set to not just respond to market demands, but to anticipate and shape them. With Ahrens on board, the bar is raised, the scope is broadened, and the journey ahead looks riveting.

Blueprint's persistent drive towards excellence, demonstrated through its latest executive engagement, is a clarion call to the industry. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier advisory expertise, Blueprint continues to sculpt a strategic path forward in the healthcare real estate advisory domain. With tools of innovation, a dedicated team, and a strong network, Blueprint and Kristen Ahrens are poised to set new precedents, ensuring that healthcare real estate exceeds expectations in a robust and flourishing landscape.

Those interested in witnessing the progressive strides of Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors or exploring avenues for collaboration can expect a firm that's always a step ahead. With seasoned experts like Kristen Ahrens at the wheel, the potential for trailblazing methodologies and transformative market strategies is infinite. Blueprint's dedication to providing resourceful and knowledgeable advisement in healthcare real estate is unwavering, and with each passing year, it fortifies its position as a leader in the industry.

This recent development is not just an announcement of a new appointment; it represents the fusion of expertise and vision that signifies the continuous evolution of Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors. As we look onward, it is with keen interest that the sector anticipates the influence and ingenuity that Kristen Ahrens, supported by the powerful cadre at Blueprint, will bring to the healthcare real estate landscape.

In closing, this confluence of skill and strategic foresight underscores Blueprint's resolute pathway towards engraving its mark deeper into the healthcare real estate realm. The journey has been momentous, and the prospects are exhilarating. With Kristen Ahrens on their team, Blueprint's voyage is all set to navigate through the waves of opportunities and challenges, converging towards a future that promises to be as remarkable as their legacy.