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ameco welcomes katie linden as cco catalyzing industry growth 3


AMECO Welcomes Katie Linden as CCO, Catalyzing Industry Growth


Lauren Miller

May 13, 2024 - 20:29 pm


Katie Linden Appointed as AMECO's Chief Commercial Officer to Bolster Future Growth

GREENVILLE, S.C., May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- AMECO, a distinguished entity in Site Services support across North America, proudly announces the induction of Katie Linden as its Chief Commercial Officer. With her rich professional history in business development complemented by an intimate knowledge of the construction domain, Linden is set to spearhead the formulation and implementation of AMECO's commercial strategies, further energizing the firm's growth trajectory.

Katie Linden, Chief Commercial Officer, AMECO Katie Linden, Chief Commercial Officer, AMECO

Linden carries over two-and-a-half decades of commendable leadership, having strategized business initiatives, commercial planning, contractual negotiations, and risk management across varied sectors. These include power generation, industrial development, petrochemical innovation, renewable energy solutions, and transportation safety systems. Her immediate past engagement was as the Chief Revenue Officer at RoadSafe Traffic Systems, a forefront enterprise specialized in proffering construction support with a focus on traffic safety.

Katie Linden's professional journey is peppered with significant stints at some of the most reputable engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) powerhouses in North America. Her roles at entities like Quanta Services, Zachry Group, Kiewit, and Black & Veatch Corp involved nurturing client relations, crafting sales strategies, and orchestrating service agreements. She has led commercial teams from the nascent prospecting phase to the execution of large-scale projects that often tally up to billions of dollars. Her long-standing presence in the construction sector has instilled in her an acute focus on safety standards, the cultivation of inclusive work environments, and an established practice of delivering exceptional value to her clients.

Acknowledging the current relevance and potential of indirect construction services, Linden advocates for their unprecedented integral role. "Across all spheres, be it power and energy transition, the development of avant-garde manufacturing units, essential infrastructure, or maritime projects, support services tailored to construction are more crucial than ever," she remarks. Linden highlights AMECO's distinguished status as an indispensable partner in the field, attributed to its robust support in indirect project services – a shared necessity for all contractors and subcontractors on site.

Gary Bernardez, CEO of AMECO, concurs with Linden, emphasizing the exceptional proficiency and tenure of their team. "AMECO boasts a record of project enhancement and profitability for our clients," he states, expressing spirited enthusiasm for having Linden augment their executive echelon with her extensive business development acumen and client insight.

Unveiling AMECO: The Site Services® Leader

Distinguished as The Site Services® Company, AMECO extends a comprehensive suite of offerings required to sustain momentum in construction projects and operational facilities. Its portfolio spans from integrated scaffolding solutions, assortment of tools and supplies, vehicle fleets, construction equipment, rigging and heavy lifting apparatus, fuel provisions, to workforce hydration support. Its service range is actively engaged by EPC firms and facility owners scattered across markets in advanced manufacturing, chemicals, energy transition, power, infrastructure, marine, and mining sectors. Functioning as a portfolio company of One Equity Partners, AMECO's operational excellence stands as a testament to its capabilities. More insights into AMECO's extensive services can be discovered at

Spotlight on One Equity Partners

Operating with a focus on the industrial, healthcare, and technology industries within the precincts of North America and Europe, One Equity Partners (OEP) represents the archetype of a middle-market private equity firm. With an agenda to sculpt market-leading companies, OEP thrives by envisioning and effectuating transformative business amalgamations. Renowned for its unique investment methodology, a seasoned and expansive team, OEP has been crafting a legacy of fostering enduring value for its stakeholders. Since its inception in 2001 and subsequent evolution independent of J.P. Morgan in 2015, the firm has proudly overseen in excess of 300 global transactions. OEP's operational footprint marks a presence in New York, Chicago, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. To glean further insight into OEP's ventures, visit

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In summary, AMECO's strategic reinforcement with Katie Linden as its Chief Commercial Officer heralds a new epoch of innovation and growth for the company. With her esteemed background and compelling vision for the domain of construction services, Linden stands poised to elevate AMECO's commercial landscape. The construction industry, amidst its ramping complexity and demand, can look forward to an enriched collaboration with AMECO under the aegis of Katie Linden's leadership. Engulfed by an ever-evolving market, the bringing on board of such a dynamic and seasoned executive reflects AMECO's unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, cementing its stature as an industry leader in site services.

AMECO: An Outlook into an Impactful Future

As AMECO embarks on this fresh venture, it looks forward to disrupting the standard notions surrounding construction services. The company's goals align with furnishing state-of-the-art services that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern construction, supporting structural excellence across diverse industries. With the site services market brimming with potential, AMECO endeavors to harness this momentum, steering its clientele towards peak efficiency and superlative results.

AMECO continues to assert its dedication to staying at the forefront of the construction services sector. The arrival of Katie Linden marks a decisive move towards reinforcing the company's core strategies and driving innovative solutions. With her extensive experience and proven track record of success, Linden’s leadership is expected to be a catalyzing factor for AMECO's sustained growth and industry leadership. Her expertise will not only enhance the company’s commercial prowess but will also instill a culture of safety, inclusion, and client-centric values within the organization.

It’s evident that the modern construction industry is a synergistic interplay of various stakeholders, including visionary leaders, efficient support services, and the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and practices. As Katie Linden steps into her new role to navigate this complex landscape, AMECO reaffirms its commitment to spearheading innovations in site services, effectively aligning with the industry’s upward trend. This commitment casts a sharp focus on AMECO’s relentless pursuit of excellence, efficiency, and the delivery of comprehensive support systems that fortify the backbone of construction projects nationwide.

Forging Ahead in the Construction Services Arena

AMECO's legacy as a comprehensive site services provider is deeply anchored in its capability to adapt and respond to the ever-shifting requirements of construction projects. The company's business ethos, diligently woven around customer-centric solutions and the provision of an exhaustive range of support services, cements its position as an industry bellwether.

The leadership of Gary Bernardez and the strategic inclusion of Katie Linden as Chief Commercial Officer are poised to amplify this ethos, pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the construction services market. Linden, with her potent blend of extensive industry knowledge and a genuine passion for excellence, is on course to etch a revolutionary chapter in AMECO's storied history.

In closing, AMECO’s embrace of innovation, driven by Linden’s commercial acuity, ushers in a time of renewal and unprecedented opportunity for construction projects across North America. Clients of AMECO can expect an enhanced level of service, powered by a leadership team dedicated to defining the pinnacle of industry standards.

Accompanied by a diligent and seasoned team, infused with the zeal to foster project success, AMECO steers towards crafting an indelible imprint on the construction services landscape. With the shared objectives of profitability, efficiency, and unmatched project execution, AMECO continues to charter a course toward distinction, reinforcing its emblematic role in fostering infrastructural prowess.