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aeromexico soars towards a high flying ipo on the nyse fueled by strategic vision and market expansion 3

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Aeromexico Soars Towards a High-Flying IPO on the NYSE, Fueled by Strategic Vision and Market Expansion


Lauren Miller

May 13, 2024 - 23:43 pm


Aeromexico Takes Flight Toward IPO on NYSE Stage in Quest for Liquidity

In a strategic move to elevate its financial resources and market presence, Grupo Aeromexico SAB has laid the groundwork for a grand re-entry into equity markets through an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States. Two years after bidding adieu to the Mexican stock exchange, the airline delineated its aspirations to list American Depositary shares (ADS) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol AERO, despite opting out of a public offering in Mexico.

Aeromexico signage at Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) in Mexico City, Mexico

A constellation of prominent financial establishments such as Barclays, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Evercore ISI, and Apollo Global Securities has been amassed to underwrite the IPO. Nevertheless, specific details about the offering's size or the expected price range have been kept under wraps by Aeromexico as cited in the prospectus.

A Turbulent Past Precedes a Hopeful Future

Aeromexico, a revered name amongst the legacy airlines of Mexico, emerged victoriously from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in March 2022. The proceedings, which initiated in 2020 in the United States, were spurred by the catastrophic downturn in air travel triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. As per the restructuring settlement, the airline agreed to delist from the Mexican stock exchange in pursuit of markets abroad endowed with greater liquidity.

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At the height of the global health crisis, Aeromexico’s passenger numbers nosedived, registering a staggering decline of more than 90% in 2020. Unlike its North American and European counterparts, the carrier received minimal, if any, government aid. Nevertheless, the airline has staged a notable comeback, with 2023 revenues reportedly surging 29% over the previous year’s figures, a testament to resilience, as revealed in the IPO paperwork.

The company touts a robust fleet, boasting an impressive assemblage of 144 aircraft manufactured by Boeing Co and Embraer SA.

The Dawn of a Market Rebound

In the aftermath of the restructuring efforts post-Chapter 11, a collective of strategic Mexican shareholders—prominent among them being Lala Chairman Eduardo Tricio—have laid claim to 4.1% ownership of the airline. Likewise, Apollo Global Management, which helmed the debtor-in-possession funding, maintained an approximately 22% stake, whilst Delta Airlines steadfastly held its 20% share.

It is imperative to note that Aeromexico is not alone in its predilection for a U.S. listing over a domestic one this year. February witnessed Mexican retailer BBB Foods Inc. garner $589 million through its IPO, serving to catalyze the resurgence of U.S. listings.

Mexico’s Flourishing Share Sales Landscape

There is a burgeoning trend of burgeoning equity issuances emanating out of Mexico, as evidenced by $1.2 billion amassed in secondary equity issues across the U.S. and Mexican shores last year. This amount towered over by threefold the capital raised in the preceding year, underpinning a season of prosperity in factory output stakes. This surge in equity issues symbolizes a significant departure from the previous years marked by poor liquidity and more delistings than offerings on Mexico’s stock exchange in 2021.

Aeromexico's decisive foray into the US equity market via an IPO not simply defines its own future but also reflects a broader narrative of Mexican companies seeking growth and capital beyond the confines of domestic markets. As companies from Mexico continue to calibrate their operations and set sights on international investors, all eyes remain on Aeromexico and its impending NYSE debut—a beacon for Mexico's aviation industry and a harbinger of the country's corporate ambitions on the global stage.

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As Aeromexico prepares to harness the new opportunities presented by the NYSE, it paints a remarkable saga of endurance, adaptation, and strategic foresight. In a world still reeling from the aftereffects of the pandemic, the airline's bold steps affirm the value of agility in corporate manoeuverings. The airline's alluring pitch to prospective investors is underscored not only by its recuperative trajectory but also by buoyant expectations stemming from Mexico's strengthened industrial fabric.

What this IPO ultimately symbolizes for Aeromexico and similar entities is the pursuit of an economic renaissance, one that is powered by strategic investments and a firm gaze towards cross-border financial integrations. As Aeromexico embarks on this pivotal journey, its IPO emerges as a case study in corporate resilience, providing a blueprint for other companies navigating the uncharted waters of post-pandemic recovery.

The IPO pathway Aeromexico treads, adorned with the optimistic outlook of increased revenues and a renewed fleet, also sheds light on the paradigm shift in the aviation sector's rapport with market liquidity. The decision to pursue a listing on foreign, more liquid markets seems a well-calibrated step by the company to ensure greater access to capital, which could be pivotal in financing its future expansion plans and operational enhancements.

As investors eye the potential that Aeromexico presents, the airline's trajectory from the turbulence of bankruptcy to the stability of growth encapsulates the transformative potential of strategic restructuring. With a revamped ownership structure and Delta Airlines retaining its commitment as a stakeholder, the airline is poised to leverage its alliances and its revamped capital structure to navigate the aviation industry's competitive skies.

In a world where geographical boundaries are increasingly blurred by the flows of global capital, Aeromexico’s IPO is more than a corporate exercise; it is a testament to the interconnectivity of economies and the perennial quest for corporate growth through strategic diversification of investor base. The impending listing on NYSE promises to usher in a new era of growth, profitability, and global immersion for Grupo Aeromexico SAB and infuses fresh optimism into Mexico's business landscape.

The forthcoming trajectory of Aeromexico, interspersed with the potential rewards and risks inherent in any public offering, is emblematic of a deeper economic narrative. It signifies the evolving dynamics between emerging markets and global financial hubs, with Mexican firms increasingly looking to tap into the arteries of international finance to fuel their growth engines.

This movement transcends Aeromexico, offering a glimpse into the adaptive strategies of emerging market companies in the face of global economic shifts. As more Mexican companies prefer the vibrancy and depth of the US stock markets, it reflects on the evolving financial ecosystems that support business expansions and economic aspirations beyond domestic confines.

Grupo Aeromexico’s deliberate choice to list on the NYSE can serve as an invitation to global market participants to invest in a narrative of not just a singular airline, but of a nation’s economic ambition and the resurrection of its legacy carriers. In this light, Aeromexico’s new chapter on the NYSE could very well be the harbinger for increased financial dialogues and partnerships between U.S. investors and Latin American corporations.

Safe to say, the aviation industry and the landscape of international investments are both set to witness a considerable impact prompted by Aeromexico's new financial journey. As the countdown to the IPO continues, anticipation builds not just for the airline, but for the broader implications it holds for cross-border economic interactions and the potential ripple effects in the spheres of global finance and trade.

In the grand theatre of global markets, the revival of Aeromexico through its NYSE listing is predicted to play out as a masterclass in navigating the aftermath of economic crises while steering towards growth and financial consolidation. The airline’s strategic realignment and rebound from the downturn is but a prelude to a potentially prosperous future, championed by astute governance and an unwavering ambition to reassert its position in the skies and in the annals of economic case studies.

As a journey from the brink of collapse to the thresholds of a public offering unfolds, Aeromexico stands as a beacon of what vision, determination, and resilience can achieve. It's a narrative set to captivate the investor community and market analysts alike, all while charting a new trajectory for Mexico's presence in the global equity markets. The Aeromexico saga, in its essence, is an uplifting tale of renewal and hope, mirrored in the airline's own slogan – "La línea que nos une" (“The line that unites us”), uniting travelers and investors in the shared skies of opportunity.