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acp capital markets boosts latin american expertise with new director alejandro lerner 3


ACP Capital Markets Boosts Latin American Expertise with New Director Alejandro Lerner


Lauren Miller

April 2, 2024 - 17:23 pm


ACP Capital Markets Welcomes New Managing Director Alejandro Daniel Lerner to Strengthen Latin American Operations

STAMFORD, Conn., April 2, 2024 – ACP Capital Markets, a leading investment bank specializing in middle market transactions, is delighted to announce the expansion of its esteemed team with the appointment of Alejandro Daniel Lerner as Managing Director. This strategic inclusion within the company's Latin American Capital Markets coverage team attests to ACP's resolve to fortify its regional expertise in private credit, equity, and advisory work for middle market businesses across Latin America. Alejandro Lerner's illustrious career, covering an impressive span of over thirty years, adds a wealth of experience to ACP Capital Markets. His expertise, particularly in power generation and distribution, as well as consumer, retail, and industrial sectors, promises to complement and enhance the firm’s established coverage areas.

Alejandro Daniel Lerner's appointment symbolizes a significant leap forward for our operations in emerging markets," expressed Bruce Anfindsen, Founding Partner and Head of Latin American Investment Banking at ACP. "Lerner's depth of knowledge and his consistent success in orchestrating financial strategies for various sectors position us to amplify our capabilities and bolster the value we offer to our clientele."

Lerner arrives at ACP Capital Markets following a distinguished 14-year period at AB CarVal Investors LP, a prominent global alternative asset manager with US$10 billion in assets under management. During his time there, he was a driving force behind strategic planning and management of investments in Latin America. Lerner excelled in identifying opportunities, constructing deals, and investing in diverse asset classes, which included public corporate bonds, private credit, distressed assets, and equity investments.

His financial acumen was honed further in his previous roles as the Head of Research on the Emerging Markets Corporate Proprietary Trading desk at Lehman Brothers, where he was instrumental in ideating trading strategies and facilitating transactions in public and private securities. Before that, at Bear Stearns, he successfully led the global Emerging Markets Corporate Research team, showcasing his expansive knowledge and cross-sector expertise.

"Demonstrating paramount leadership in emerging markets, Dan's significant insights and expertise are invaluable assets to our regional presence," commented Mark Bishop, Partner and President of ACP. "He is elevating our resources in vital sectors such as oil and gas, mining, water, agribusiness, telecom, logistics, and transportation, and defense by enriching our proficiency in areas pivotal to the economies we serve."

Alejandro Lerner is not just accomplished professionally but also academically, having graduated Summa Cum Laude from Syracuse University with dual concentrations in Finance and Economics. His rich cultural background, as an Argentine native raised in Europe and currently residing in the New York City area, offers a global perspective and aligns with ACP Capital Markets’ international approach to investment banking.

ACP Capital Markets operates as a specialized advisory and investment banking entity, diligently catering to capital market transactions within the Americas, as well as in selected emerging markets and OECD nations. The firm prides itself on its principal sector coverage in real assets, focusing primarily on commodity production segments crucial to growing economies. The M&A/Advisory practice of the firm is broad in its sector and geographical scope, and ACP places securities in the United States through its proprietary broker-dealer, Aldwych Securities LLC. The banking team at ACP boasts an average of more than 25 years of industry expertise, derived from several leading financial institutions like UBS, Salomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs, among others.

For those seeking more information about ACP Capital Markets and its services, the firm's website at details their comprehensive approach to investment banking and advisory services. Here investors, companies, and individuals can explore the firm's dedicated practices, understand its strategic market insights, and initiate contact for potential collaborations.

As a SOURCE for ACP Capital Markets, this news release not only highlights the addition of Alejandro Daniel Lerner to the company's dynamic team but signals the firm's steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier financial solutions and advisory services to its clients. It stands as a testament to ACP's robust growth strategy and its pursuit of excellence in the competitive landscape of international capital markets.

In conclusion, ACP Capital Markets is poised for continued leadership and expansion in the Latin American market, reinforced by the strategic appointment of Alejandro Daniel Lerner. His historical achievements and his proficiency across various financial sectors ensure that ACP will further cement its reputation as a premier partner for middle market companies throughout the region. This move is reflective of ACP's dedication to enhancing its service offerings and delivering superior market intelligence, investment opportunities, and advisory expertise to its diverse and growing client base.

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